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If Mind/Memory Exist Outside the Brain - Where are They?


Such an assertion (above) that that mind/memory lie outside the brain, surely needs science validation before we can consider where mind/memory are both most likely to be. Particularly since the issue of whether they are within or outside the brain is so contentious that it is currently identified as one important aspect of the famous, “mind-brain” problem. The other, is the contention, without any evidence by materialistic scientists, that the mind is simply an evolutionary adjunct to the brain. Since this is just an assertion without any evidence, no other comment on this is warranted.

Evidence for Mind/Memory located outside the Brain. Since, the 1930’s, experiments by Neurosurgeon Dr Wilder Penfield and others, have probed the brain, attempting to find where mind functions (e.g. feelings, self-awareness, reasoning etc.), and memory resides. Results have been spectacular and consistent, in that the depth and detail of memory borders almost on the unbelievable - even to the extent that accidentally, in 1933, Penfield found while electrically stimulating directly certain areas of the brain of a conscious patient with an electrode, that flashbacks of memory occurred allowing the patient to relate incredible detail of past events long since forgotten. More astonishing was that when stimulation of other areas caused involuntary movements, the patient advised or indicated his complete mind independence as to what was occurring in his brain. For example, in some cases, when the electrode caused the right hand to move, the patient reached over with his left hand to oppose the action. Mind therefore was in control, not the brain.

Also, he observed with this and all other patients that when they described past events, they were even able to relate what was in their mind thoughts at the time and although he had mapped all areas of the brain responsible for speech, and all the internal and external senses; neither the mind nor the will could be located in any part of the brain. In other words, Penfield found (contrary to erroneous belief even today), that rather than mind being a subset of the brain; his experimental evidence conclusively showed that mind/consciousness is separate from the brain.

He stated:

“None of the actions that we attribute to the mind has been initiated by electrode stimulation. There is no place in the cerebral cortex where electrical stimulation will cause a patient to believe or decide”.

“The electrode could trigger physical actions and provide access to stored memory, but not even the simplest elements of reasoning.”

However, concerning memory, Penfield concluded from his research, that simply everything we have ever experienced is recorded in our memory, from,

“every stranger's face we have glanced at in a crowd to every spider web we gazed at as a child”.

He reasoned that this was why memories of so many insignificant events kept cropping up in his sampling. (Scott-Hill, 38/39)

Adding to this, and more recently, it has been found that the amazing memory capability associated with the mind/conscious, has additionally now been calculated (independently by computer science expert Simon Berkovitch and Dutch brain researcher Herms Romijn), as far beyond the storage capability of brain and skull size - which both confirms Penfield’s above conclusions based on his experiments, that memory must also reside as with mind/consciousness, outside the brain. (See complete chapter, in Dr Craig Hogan’s Book, “The Eternal Self “available free to read on the web. See:

The above two researches quoted are just one of many instances, activities and experiments which show mind, memory and consciousness must lie outside the brain. If further detail of the others is sought, the reference web link above, gives multiple instances which add to the evidence - to the point that the validity could well be considered not just likely, but overwhelming.

Among them is “remote viewing”, or O.O.B. (out of body) experiences where the body remains in a fixed position but the mind travels to any specified position to gather detailed information. This shows the independence of mind/consciousness and memory from the brain, otherwise, the intensive and successful use of remote viewing for spying in the Cold War with Russia would never have been possible. There are also O.O.B. cases involving blind people where experimental testing has shown their ability to “see” and detect colours with ability no different from that of sighted people. Similarly, people experiencing NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) with no apparent brain function whatsoever (as detected by electroencephalograph readings) and even removal of all blood from the brain, have been able to relate accurately in detail, activity they claim to have “seen” within the operating room while in coma.

Another, is the fact that if the skull and brain is damaged in an accident, mind and memory being outside the brain as indicated above, will be unaffected. This is vindicated by the fact that many people whose brain has been concussed or damaged in an accident, find although their memory was lost initially and some confusion evident i.e. partial loss by the brain of mind function, both will typically fully return following brain damage recovery. Again, confirming that our mind/consciousness and memory do not reside in the brain. (Scott-Hill, 39/40)

Where outside the Brain is Exactly Mind/Consciousness and Memory? it is unsurprising to discover that mind/consciousness and memory are contained within quantum fields, rather than within the brain - simply because quantum field properties are ideally suited for storage and information updating/processing, as compared with electromagnetic waves.

Classical physical electromagnetic, gravitational fields, etc. and non-physical quantum fields have very different properties. On the one hand physical fields exhibit a definite location in space and time and predictable behaviour. In contrast, quantum fields are holographic, probabilistic and exhibit an indefinite locality in space and time. They are therefore difficult to detect.

These quantum fields are formed by every object as a result of a characteristic vibration or jitter which emits non-local quanta energy containing information about the object at their nodes i.e. amplitudes, and phase/frequency relationships. The exchange and transfer of this information occurs by the creation of interference patterns formed when encountering other quantum waves. In the reverse sense, similarly, all objects absorb surrounding quantum wave energy and information. Information is exchanged when standing waves form followed by resonance, if frequency matching between object and target e.g. one’s memory occurs.

Additionally, and importantly, the holographic non-locality character provides an instant information transfer capability regardless of distance, not present in normal classical physical electromagnetic fields. This instant information transfer capability independent of distance occurs due to what is known as “The zero-point field” – a quantum “sea” of virtual particles (mainly protons) which appear and disappear in an instant, which creates the holography and therefore an instant “conducting path” throughout the whole universe. (It is called the “zero-point” field as it forms the base energy of the Universe at a temperature of absolute zero.) As an aside - the facility of instant transfer of information from mind to brain and from memory to mind and vice-versa etc. seems orchestrated, as instant access to mind and memory is obviously desirable and optimum to assist survival in our hostile world of predators (suggestive perhaps of a creator/God). (Scott-Hill, 56)

As stated by Lynne McTaggart in her book “The Field”:

“Short and long-term memory do not reside in our brain at all. But instead are stored in the zero-point field. … A number of scientists, including system theorist Ervin Laszlo, would go on to argue that the brain is simply the retrieval and read out mechanism of the ultimate storage medium - the zero-point field. “

Laszlo obviously was referring only to the brain receipt of memory from the zero-point field and allied processing functions of this data. The brain of course while neither containing mind nor memory, does act as a massive parallel bio-computer to serve all physical needs of the body, plus receipt and use of relevant input data to provide bodily epigenic adaptions to the local environment. (Scott-Hill, 62)

From the above, the zero-point field system should surely therefore be regarded as the internet highway of the universe. Similarly, in terms of memory capability - as the universe cloud storage facility, but with unlimited memory.

The indefinite locality criteria of quantum states affect energy distribution and gravitational attraction of objects, to the extent that in the zero-point field both mind and memory are likely to normally surround and be close to their related originating object - whether in motion e.g. OOB states, or stationary. (This might well justify the assertion by some psychics that they can see an “etheric” field surrounding everyone.)

An interesting exception is the case described in Dr Michael Newton’s regressive hypnosis books (and elsewhere), where it is said energy of discarnates is too great for an earth existence, therefore a lesser energy must be chosen for each reincarnation with the balance left behind in the afterlife. While strange to us, the concept is well supported, as this splitting of energy explains how one can still contact a relative in the afterlife despite the fact that the relative has left for another reincarnation. (Newton, Loc. 2080/2086) Also concerning reincarnation, an important facet (also mentioned in Dr Newton’s books and elsewhere) is that soon after transition, one is said to be subject to a “life review” where errors and wrongdoing are discussed with higher entities, aimed at ensuring these are not repeated and attainment of accelerated spiritual progress - the fundamental reason given for the role and importance of reincarnation. (Newton, Loc. 3448) Importantly this life review requirement, explains why we retain such a detailed memory - as it is said by Penfield (above) concerning his memory research, that we remember, “every stranger's face we have glanced at in a crowd to every spider web we gazed at as a child”.

Otherwise provision of this otherwise relatively unused but almost unbelievably detailed memory (normally unable to be accessed), would seemingly have no purpose whatsoever. All such detail can be recovered though by competent regressive hypnotists, which separately validates its existence and Penfield’s breakthrough research. (Note: It is said that our memory defines us, so perhaps such a detailed memory arising from all our reincarnations is critical to retain, as instant recall of all of these may be considered essential in an afterlife. After all, they represent the totality of all our hard earned reincarnational experiences over maybe thousands of years.)

Summing up, the more we look at almost every facet of the above, the more we see that this arrangement of placement of mind and brain outside the brain and within the xero-point field, seems critical to suit needs for both our survival on earth, and reincarnation.

The following final and additional facet though is the big one! Not mentioned until now.

As with many other aspects covered above in this article, it strongly signifies orchestration, purpose and design, and if so, surely suggests it must be attributable to a creator/God, as the only other vague possibilities such as self-organising systems or chance itself appear completely ridiculous.

With mind/ memory (and soul) grouped together outside the body, then death of the physical body would leave these intact.

In other words, we cannot die and are already immortal!


Note: Kindle Books use a location number which may vary slightly due to use of different fonts.

Scott-Hill, Alastair, Bruce, The Paranormal is Normal, (The Science Validation to Reincarnation, the Paranormal and your Immortality) CopyPress NZ, 2016

Newton, Michael. Destiny of Souls, Kindle Edition, Llewellyn, 2010

Author’s website and book details,

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