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The Science Behind Mediumistic and Psychic Communication

Terminology used:

Non-Physical reality: In what follows, in contrast to physical reality (which is everything solid we see around us), we will largely be concerned with non-physical reality. Non-physical reality is just a convenient term used to discuss objects which are very small i.e. subatomic particles, plasma, vapour, gases etc. and substances which are largely comprised of little mass. Even suggested forms of existence such as ghosts, discarnates, orbs of light etc. and other insubstantial low mass entities which may exist in forms currently unknown to us and inhabit different dimensions of existence.

Nonlocal: This is a science term used to distinguish non-physical (i.e. quantum type) entangled particle relationships which are unrelated to distance.

Coherence: (Physics definition), two wave sources are said to attain coherence if they have a constant phase difference, the same frequency, and the same waveform.

Entanglement: actions performed on one particle affect the other independent of distance.


Almost daily, we see “mediums” on television who claim to be readily able to contact those who have already “passed”, or psychics who claim they can clairvoyantly obtain information from the future or past to assist on occasions police solve murder cases. Most people though are not ready to accept that such “paranormal” type experiences are real. If they had a better understanding of the science aspects applicable to this non-physical realm, they might well change their minds.

For this, just as at school we have had to study the laws applicable to material reality (Newtonian and Einsteinian physics); here, with non-physical reality it is necessary to have some understanding of the laws of non-physical science - which are subject to quantum physics. Properties and laws applicable to quantum physics apply to all insubstantial objects, which obviously includes subatomic particles. However, because we are all composed of subatomic particles, properties of quantum physics (as one might expect) also affects larger mass objects (such as ourselves), but to a lesser extent.

The science in mediumistic or psychic communication has now overwhelmingly been shown to involve quantum wave processing by the brain to establish and maintain a resonate telepathic communication link (a quantum standing wave) with a desired discarnate. Interestingly the method is little different from that which we use every day to access memory – which provides below a useful simple introductory example to explain the science behind mediumship and psychic ability.

Memory Access

We initiate a request in our mind i.e., a thought (intent) and focus our mind (attention) to seek a particular word/name from our memory. To assist success, we assign usually, a “cue” (i.e. a representation of the object of interest) for association with our intent. For example, it might be the name of a flower, and for a second “cue” which might be used, a mental picture of the particular flower. Response of the correct name is usually instant, and typically a visual image of the word/name occurs in one’s mind.

The communication system is also ubiquitous for all forms of life and applies to all paranormal communication involving action at a distance - such as telepathy, clairvoyance, remote viewing, dowsing, etc. Even subconscious interrelationship with one’s environment to allow epigenic DNA adaptions in cases of possible changes over large time scales).

Mediumistic Access

In the case of a medium seeking a telepathic link with a discarnate, the only difference is that (logically) the likely “cue’s” the medium might use, is to hold some trinket associated with the discarnate while on earth e.g. a necklace, watch, photograph etc., while thinking constantly of the name of the person and/or former appearance while on earth. Response from the discarnate is usually (as with the example above of accessing memories) - via images of words, or images themselves, or may even involve the sense of a whisper in one’s ear providing information.

The communication system involved was discovered by a German Walter Schempp in 1992, where having worked out the mathematics, proved its viability and relevance by using his theory to provide a breakthrough - a modification and upgrading brilliantly of a basic black and white fMRI medical imaging system (resulting by an accidental discovery at that time), to provide a full 3D colour and sharp resolution image. The communication system he discovered is known by the rather daunting name of a phase-conjugate-adaptive-resonance system (PCAR)). For a full description of the system and multiple applications see, (Scott-Hill, 55-80), also,

(Scroll down to see article)

A brief summary of how the system operates for mediumistic communication, is as follows:

Normally, using electromagnetic waves in space to carry information e.g. a TV programme, information has to be inserted into the waves by modulation from an exterior source. However, with quantum communication, information transfer between the medium and discarnate, is achieved due to natural intermingling of the quantum waves involved, with the brain acting as a massively parallel frequency analyser. Ongoing information, contained within the amplitude, frequencies (e.g. wavelengths) and in the phase relationships of all the waves is then transferred to the recipient reciprocally and automatically once a resonant standing wave loop between sender and recipient is formed. Every single thing in the universe has its own resonance; every human being has its own quantum vibration. Everything and every exchange of information (which includes thoughts) occurs when its emanating quantum waves are in phase (they are then said to attain coherence). The standing wave maintains a desired telepathic conversation for as long as desired and is amazingly robust (i.e. stable over long periods).

There is evidence to suggest that all life forms, even plants, universally use this same quantum communication system, for external communication (telepathy), cell speciation, growth, transfer of instincts/habits and environmental adaption (epigenics).

The PCAR bio-communication system requires a surrounding medium in which to travel. Physicists for many years have been aware that even in a vacuum there is a ceaseless form of energy still present around us all, an ocean of subatomic virtual particles that represents the ground (i.e. zero energy) state of all matter. Subatomic particles (mainly protons) appear in the field seemingly out of nowhere, combining, interacting and annihilating each other in an instant. (Even though the field is radiating energy in the light spectrum, we don’t see it as such, as it is outside our vision capability.) The discovery of the field in 1926 was regarded then, as of not much interest and thought simply the base energy state of the universe at a temperature of absolute zero. Due to the discovery of the PCAR bio- communication system in 1992, It is now regarded very differently and since the field comprises solely subatomic particles, it is now recognised as being the largest quantum field in the Universe. Obviously, also as the elusive field and medium necessary for operation of the PCAR system, since it envelops and surrounds everything in the Universe. The fact that the field is quantum, also means that not only does it have the capability to exchange information via correlated quantum wave PCAR interactions, but since it is holographic, distance becomes irrelevant: therefore, information and transmission time is instantaneous. (Note: this does not violate Einstein’s light speed limitation, as only transfer of information is involved, not physical entities).

Other interesting facets of the system are:

  • The return signal loop resonating system is somewhat similar to the very much simpler non-quantum and physical sonar information retrieval system of bats, dolphins, and whales who use sound to send out signals and receive reflections back to locate targets.

  • While electromagnetic waves have to be propagated by providing considerable external energy to reach any usable distance (e.g. radio and TV signals), the PCAR quantum system requires none, has no distance limitations whatsoever, never attenuates and any possible energy requirements are thought to be self-sustaining and derived inherently from the zero-point field.

  • It is important to note that scientists rightly demand (wherever possible), that independent replicated experiments must be used for scientific acceptance of a new discovery. However, in the case of Walter Schempp, he first determined the mathematics of the PCAR system, then used this to upgrade and maximise the capability of the earlier black and white fMRI image scanning machine (including conversion to 3D and colour) forever. Which demonstrates his complete understanding of the underlining science, and with his fMRI upgrade attained the almost unobtainable in science, beyond any science validation requirement whatsoever - namely his theory could be said to have “proof”, since he first derived the mathematics and later vindicated thisby brilliantly applying it, to maximising the capabilities of the fMRI system - (in a sense) as a bonus for mankind.

  • The zero-point field obviously has the incredible memory capability claimed by Lynne Mc Taggard who wrote a whole book based on it called “The Field”, of providing - in her words, a “record of all that ever was “. We therefore have a likely storage library and source for the memory of all life forms, and a possible facility whereby all memory could not only be stored during one’s lifetime in the zero-point field, but also during the lifetimes of reincarnation selves for at least the life of the universe.

We might well question why we are not all without exception expert mediums and psychics - since we use the same PCAR communication system constantly and reliably instantly and daily for memory access and retrieval.

Surprisingly considerable research on this question indicates that most of us are likely expert! At least until we are between 3 and 5 years old, after which capabilities at birth usually disappear due to the following reasons as quoted here (taken from the Dr Mitchell/Staretz website article referred to above).

“There is considerable evidence to suggest that the brain/mind has these above [mediumistic] capabilities at birth. The development of [speech]/language, suppression of these capabilities by cultural conditioning [mainly parental scepticism] and subsequent lack of practice, all contribute to the atrophy of natural ability of conscious, intuitive perceptions.”

Note: Even telepathy initiated by one person to another by just thinking of the person’s name, can be routinely and instantly detected by monitoring for a recipient’s abrupt rise in blood pressure using a sphygmomanometer. But for most humans they are completely unaware of it and only likely to react to a crisis situation, particularly mother/child cases (perhaps due to prior strong quantum entanglement attained in the womb). (Scott-Hill, 161)

Sadly, it seems that our subconscious choice as a species long ago to favour speech/language, rather than telepathy and to have attained with it unarguably the greatest speech capability on earth, was a bad choice - as evidenced by famous biologist Sheldrake, who found that even dogs use telepathy continuously and usefully. As he was able to show experimentally and conclusively that they could detect the exact point at which their ‘owners decide to come home’ and even wrote a whole book about it (with a similar title), “Dogs that Know When their Owners are Coming Home”. Separately, philodendron type plants, specifically, a Dracaena massangeana - as shown by multiple experiments by Cleve Backster in the 1960’s (an FBI polygraph equipment expert), was able to demonstrate that surprisingly it had a similar strong telepathic capability, in that he found that it reacted strongly not only when just mental threats were made by him to mentally damage it, but was able to perform successfully the same telepathic test as Sheldrake later used on his Dracaena massangeana plant, when he, Backster decided to return home from some 15 miles away. (Scott-Hill, 80)

In case readers might feel Backster’s experiments unbelievable, replication is readily attained and even shown on a YouTube video. See:

Later, Backster and other researchers found cracking a single egg could be detected instantly by another, independent of distance.


It is disturbing to accept from the above that even plants universally, and dogs (and no doubt other lifeforms) exhibit a greater telepathic capability than seemingly even talented human professional medium/psychics. Therefore, our subconscious preference long ago for speech/ language development, followed by attained proficiency with speech at an early age, must have been a particularly strong cause to deprive us all as a species from enjoying a strong telepathic capability today. Those particularly talented as mediums/psychics, all seem to acknowledge that all of us have the same capability as they do, but claim we just need to learn how to use that facility.

Given this, can we not imagine what a wonderful world that surely awaits us if we could telepathically interconnect freely with each other and other lifeforms in the future - without at all the need for using professional mediums or using speech. We would not only be capable of instant telepathic communication amongst each other regardless of distance, as well as with all animals and plants, but also with our relatives and friends who have passed over. Even possibly alien races, which could well lead to enhanced and accelerated knowledge for all mankind - simply by just learning how to efficiently use the PCAR communication system by training regularly using professional mediums for psychic/ mediumistic development. Analogous perhaps to people going daily to gyms for fitness today. Instead this would be training for personal psychic fitness.

All this might be further facilitated by research and funding into scientific methodologies which might help enhance psychic proficiency, such as Robert Monroe’s success using his hemi-sync process of balancing brain hemispheres plus use of existing psychic training schools, liaison with existing research institutions in this area e.g. the Windbridge Institute etc. Teaching Guides to mediumship are freely available on the Internet. Meditation tuition and proficiency is also suggested by most mediums to assist capability. Books and guides for these are also readily available on the Internet.

Ironically and frustratingly, in my opinion the major impediment over the years appears to be an obdurate resistant belief system amongst most of us, to even believe fully in the reality of mediumship and the paranormal. After all, if one doesn’t believe they have ability in something (e.g. say) snowboarding: disbelief and negativity will always validate completely one’s lack of conviction. Surely, if animals and plants can be shown experimentally (as above) to exhibit a strong telepathic ability, it could be argued, if they can (and mediums/psychics), why not yourself? Other capabilities such as healing might also be within one’s grasp - if one only tries.

There is evidence in both the Bible and recent mediumistic sourced literature, that it was never intended that mankind was to be limited in this way. Since this evidence may not appeal to some scientists, (who are often atheistic), it is contained in an Appendix to this article.


Scott-Hill, Alastair, Bruce, The Paranormal is Normal (The Science Validation to Reincarnation, the Paranormal and your Immortality) CopyPress, NZ,2016.

A typical website providing a free Guide to Mediumship (there are many more),


The most convincing Biblical extract which suggests we all have an inherent strong medium/psychic capability is stated in John 14:12, which says, “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” Jesus’s mention of “works” obviously refers to his miracles, healing etc. instead of the word miracles we would surely today refer to this, as mediumistic or psychic capabilities.

The following case is taken from a book called “Facts” written by Anthony Borgia (1896-1989) a medium who channelled a Catholic Priest, named Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, whom he knew when young. He wrote 5 books and his books are considered exceptional, in terms of providing detailed descriptions of the afterlife. Also channelling a respected clergyman’s account (the son of a former Archbishop of Canterbury, Edward White Benson) gives it greater interest than most other channelled works and perhaps greater authenticity. The extract while long (it has been reduced from the original), is felt justified as it gives a useful explanation to what seems an omission from the Bible and importantly supports the quotation above.

(Extract (Page 27) from the Anthony Borgia Book, “Facts”)

Prior to this extract in this book, the discarnate priest Robert Hugh Benson, as channelled by Borgia, was lamenting that the biblical passage “that the mourner shall be comforted”, Matthew 5:4, made no sense, since the method how this could be attained was not recorded in the Bible. He said, because of such omissions that, “they” [readers], “have not the faintest notion what the words mean, or understanding, in anyway.” Borgia continues as follows giving the real meaning of those words, “It was not intended that an impregnable barrier of silence should be erected between the people who have passed into the spirit world and the people who are still upon earth. The means have always existed whereby a natural and normal and happy intercourse between the two worlds should forever be enjoyed by the inhabitants of both worlds.”

“Jesus observed this natural state of things about him, His teaching upon this particular occasion, among many of a similar description, provided the one satisfactory answer to that particular problem of human suffering and sadness. He was not content with merely making the plain statement that the ‘mourner should be comforted’, but he told his listeners how the mourner could find his comfort. And the means so readily at hand were not ‘faith’ or submission to the will of God, but the plain facts of communication between the two worlds and how it could be accomplished.”

“Who was there better qualified to speak upon such a subject than was Jesus himself? No one, for he practiced exactly what he preached. His own psychic faculties had been developed during a long period of years under careful guidance from the spirit world. He was able to tell his hearers that death is not the overwhelming tragedy that the folk on earth have always thought it to be. The earth world was in full possession of innumerable blessings conferred upon it by the operation of natural laws. Those same laws are in existence and in operation today. But they are brought into force not by the exponents of Orthodoxy, as they should be, but by the comparative few who are outside the realms of orthodox beliefs [i.e. mediums] …”

“The book [the Bible] that should be giving earthly religious teachers the vital truth concerning one’s life upon earth and the nature of things that one can expect after earthly life is ended, that book has been made a battleground for religious contentions, with the consequent founding of hundreds of different religious denominations in disagreement with one another, some of them claiming that Jesus was very God Himself, others denying it. Had these same Scriptures not been grossly tampered with, the full truth would have been there for all to see. But with the truth to be seen by the full light of day, it would have pronounced the doom of Orthodoxy, as it was later to be known. Where would be the authority of any Church not founded and fashioned upon the truth, when the individual was able to provide for himself and through his own psychic powers all that was necessary for his spiritual life on earth, and for his safe conduct into the spirit world - unassisted by any obscure beliefs, by any elaborate religious performances, and entirely free from fear?”

“By the practice of this simple ‘religion’ of communication with the spirit world [i.e. mediumship], not only would the individual be the recipient of spiritual teachings to the betterment of the position which he would occupy immediately upon his transition, but throughout his life upon earth he would be able to converse easily and constantly with such of his friends and relatives who had passed into spirit lands before him.”

“There would be no mourning, for the mourner would be truly comforted by the converse which he would be able to enjoy at all times with those who had ‘predeceased’ him. His friends in the spirit world would be able to tell him just how they were faring, just what had befallen them after the experience of ‘dying,’ even as I have been able to tell you, my good friend, of some of my experiences since I came to dwell in these lands [the afterlife].”

There are many other statements in channelled literature which suggest mankind was never meant to be divorced from knowledge regarding its origins, a mediumistic/psychic capability and even that such an ability is even intended to be enhanced (possibly within our lifetime) with greater ability than is evident today.

The first is towards the end of Dr Michael Newton’s first book “Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives”, where he indicates there a number of particularly advanced souls who have indicated in his regressions that there are changes intended:

“….to permit more information and understanding of who we are and why we are here”. (Scott-Hill, 266)

An earlier indication of this was documented some 45 years ago by the medium Jane Roberts channelling the supposed multidimensional entity “Seth” in the book “The Seth Material” (Roberts, 272)

“You were to work out problems and challenges, but you were always to be aware of your own inner reality and your non-physical existence. To a large extent you have lost contact with this. You have focused so wrongly upon physical reality that it becomes the only reality that you know.”

Further mention is made in a relatively recent book (written in 2010) by Robert Schwartz. His book is entitled “Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born”.

This recent book compiles information on this subject - provided by arranging a number of well-known mediums, to channel discarnates to provide details of how and what were the reasons for them arranging their plans for a future life. These mediums are: - Deb DeBari, Glenna Dietrich, Corbie Mitleid and Staci Wells.

In his book Schwartz, says that in one case, a soul speaking through a medium says that when returning to earth, as part of his “life’s plan”, it was expected of him to “affirm an afterlife existence.” Schwartz also says, “the arrival and presence recently of ‘indigo’ children being born was highlighted by the soul as a deliberate change and indication that psychic abilities are currently being increased” (i.e. aimed at presumably remedying the world’s current lack of belief in our true origins). (Schwartz) This has further strong correlation from a 1980 book “Messages from Michael”, by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, purportedly resulting from the channeling of ‘Michael’ by a group including a medium Jessica, for some 11 years.

‘Michael’ spoke of a “Psychic Revolution” which had then already been initiated which would eventually change the belief system of those governing throughout the world. (Yarbo, 67)


Scott-Hill, Alastair, Bruce, The Paranormal is Normal (The Science Validation to Reincarnation, the Paranormal and your Immortality) CopyPress, NZ, 2016.

Roberts, Jane, “The Seth Material”, A Bantum Book, Prentice-Hill (1970)

Schwartz, Robert, “Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born”, a Kindle Amazon E-Book

Yarbro, Chelsea, Quinn “Messages from Michael”, Berkely Books, PBJ Books Oct. 1980

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