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Do We Really Leave Our Bodies When We Sleep?

You may be very surprised to know that there is simply no question - we all do!

Not only that, but thousands would agree with me, as I will soon explain. In fact, the reality is that the evidence is far beyond experimental evidence in terms of certainty. This is because as long ago as 1954, Robert A. (Bob) Monroe, an American millionaire, professional engineer and O.O.B. (out of body) researcher made a breakthrough laboratory discovery such that (in his words),

“All humans move into the out-of-body state during sleep”. He also found that “…deep or delta sleep is the point where consciousness is completely detached from physical reality and the physical body is operating on an autonomous basis with pre-programmed alert and alarm systems to recall [awake] consciousness if needed.” In a laboratory type environment, he also discovered this ‘point’ can easily be determined by a body reversal of voltage. (Monroe, 63)

During the 1950’s, Bob Monroe then with a successful broadcasting career, found that his business career almost fell apart due to an unusual but alarming health issue which suddenly occurred. On some two occasions per week, he experienced a vivid sensation of his consciousness leaving his body. Despite seeking the aid of expert medical professionals and extensive tests, they could find nothing wrong with him. Frustrated with a continuation of his OOB problems this led him in 1956, (using the expertise of his extensive contacts amongst scientists, fellow engineers etc.,) to set up his own self-funded research and development division company he called “The Monroe Institute” to research OOB phenomena.

His research and that of his team led to the fact that if anyone could be considered an expert on the practise of remote viewing/clairvoyance and OOB states, then Bob Monroe would be it - as he spent most of the remainder of his life (some 40 years) experimenting on the subject, and running and participating to some extent personally in practical OOB courses attended by members of the public at courses run by his Monroe Institute he founded.

Since then, thousands of members of the public who have attended his courses, have experienced OOB states for themselves while in an induced OOB “sleep” state wearing special head phones which create tones to balance both brain hemispheres and attain “delta” sleep in the participants - called “The Hemi-Sync Process.” The Monroe Institute is so popular that it still runs these courses today. This explains my point above where I claim overwhelming evidence above, that …” the evidence is far beyond experimental evidence in terms of certainty and that “…thousands would agree with me” i.e. the thousands that have already attended the Monroe Institute Courses. Currently they claim 50,000+ followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and that their YouTube views exceed 3.5 million. For more details, see below (Scott-Hill, 174 -179), also the Monroe Institute website link as follows:

Apart from the outstanding evidence above, “that people leave their bodies during sleep”, remarkably too, there are a number of instances (five! are covered below). where reference is made in channelled literature to the fact that we leave our bodies regularly when we sleep, including even one taken from the Bible!! The first quote is from Allen Kardec’s book, “The Spirits Book”, as follows:

"Sleep effects a partial freeing of the soul from the body. When you sleep, your spirit is, for the time being, in the state in which you will be after your death.”

” The spirits who, at death, are promptly freed from matter, are those who during their life, have had what may be called intelligent sleep. Such persons, when they sleep, regain the society of other spirits superior to themselves. They go about with them, conversing with them, and gaining instruction from them. They even work, in the spirit-world, at undertakings which, on dying, they find already begun or completed.”

“From this you see how little death should be dreaded, since, according to the saying of St. Paul, you 'die daily.' (Corinthians 15:31 (KJV)) – from “The Spirits Book”, by Allen Kardec, (Kardec, 204)

Also, a third validating independent teaching taken from the, “Teachings of Silver Birch,

“[During their sleep state] …some of you do work, because there are many that you can help in your sleep-state. But, usually, it is a preparation. You are taken to those places which will help you to be ready for your work when you leave the world of matter.” From, “Teachings of Silver Birch,” “The Spiritual Truth”, 1938, (Austen A.W., 41).

A fourth claim is made in the Jane Roberts “Seth” Book, “The Seth Material”, where, “Seth” says …

“when your ordinary, waking, conscious mind is lulled in the sleep state, you travel in other dimensions,” The Seth Material”, (Roberts,[1]158)

In another Seth book, “Seth Speaks”, by Jane Roberts, there is the fifth evidentiary statement supporting Bob Monroe’s research, that says.

“In sleep and dream states you are involved in the same dimensions of existence in which you will have your after-death experience”. (Roberts,[2] 152)

Skeptics may well assert they all copied from the original i.e. that of the oldest, the first listed above taken from “The Spirits Book”, but this is unlikely since all these sources are considered highly reliable, therefore the authors are unlikely to have copied from others or be fraudulent. Instead, it is unusual for such esoteric literature books to align so closely in their teachings, which rather than suggesting to possible fraud, obviously is more likely to attest to truth.


It is noteworthy that all sources above infer we are perfectly capable of travelling at any time in any other dimensions including the afterlife while we sleep. Importantly therefore it follows that in our sleep, we must all be fully designed, equipped and adapted for this NOW. Because of this, death would be of no great moment physically, just very much similar to what we encounter at some point during sleep (perhaps) every night – taking one’s soul, conscious, mind and memory with us, while leaving behind one’s body.

As an afterlife researcher and author of a book which scientifically covers this area in depth, (See: and (Scott-Hill, 82-86), we appear amazingly designed physically and mentally (i.e., within the brain and mind) NOW to cater for survival in multiple dimensions - a physical existence on earth, and a non-body existence in non-physical fully quantum-based dimensions i.e. afterlife reality (or elsewhere - as described in Robert Monroe’s books).

Many of us fear death expecting that if survival is possible, they might suffer unbearable pain at death. However, this appears most unlikely according to esoteric type teaching books and all known accounts of NDE experiences.

Typically, books advise that there are,

“Very rarely only an occasional instance of short duration pain” plus “mostly relaxation and curiosity rather than fear, while white brilliance surrounds them.”

This example is from Michael Newton’s book, “Journal of Souls”. (Newton, Loc. 165, 178-180).

Another is in the Rev. Michael Cocks book, “Afterlife Teaching from Stephen the Martyr”, where St Stephen, the first Christian Martyr. states that when stoned to death, he says,

“Only for a short time was there pain. The Lord is more merciful than you would imagine.” (Cocks, 242)

In any case, as mentioned above, almost all who encounter NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) also confirm little but mostly no pain despite cases where severe trauma and injuries are experienced. It appears we are designed,

In such a way that the soul/consciousness always leaves the body slightly before any incident which could cause death. (Newton, Loc. 180)

Summing up, there is no reason whatsoever to fear death, as the above provides almost indisputable and overwhelming evidence that since we leave our bodies routinely in sleep, we all will survive death.


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