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About Alastair Bruce Scott-Hill

Alastair (Bruce) Scott-Hill, a Professional Engineer (now retired), graduated as a BE (Elect), Cant. and spent his career in communication technology, particularly in telecommunications and information technology. The main portion of his career was with Telecom New Zealand spanning some 35 years designing national telephone exchanges, and telecommunication networks. He also designed the first Telecom online nationwide supply computer system.

Subsequently he then took up a position with Standards New Zealand, where he was responsible for all New Zealand Standards in Telecommunications, Information Technology and Acoustics. 


He has had a lifetime interest in science. 

This Website

"This website is of course aimed at promoting my book. (In view of the wealth of my personal knowledge gained in writing this book, I am anxious to pass this onto others, therefore all income from my book is passed on to charity).


The additional function of the website though is to in a sense, continue where my book left off by providing articles of mine which hopefully may interest others on allied science-based matters and some research papers I have submitted to Journals. The website importantly provides links to other websites which I personally feel are of particular interest in worth and educational interest in this sphere". - Alastair Bruce Scott-Hill

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