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Updated: Jul 21, 2019

You will note that a fairly large addition of seven new articles have recently been added to my website for two reasons. The first is that previously with a total of eleven articles, I felt this inadequate to maintain reader interest in my website. Secondly and more importantly, I have been shocked recently by comments on another website which indicated many readers were desperately frightened, in fact terrified by the thought of death - being uncertain about their post-death survival and seeking reassurance. Since I felt my science research findings in this area of immortality and survival over some 15 years while writing my book might be helpful: five of the seven new science articles address this issue. Knowing we are all time poor these days, I have deliberately kept each short and address specific areas on the issue of survival e.g. the first of four articles below cover, “If Mind and Memory Reside Outside the Brain, where are They?” Others lead up to the final in the group entitled, “Denial of Death and Certainty of Survival.”

The first listed below – appropriately, due to the title of my book (but not on the survival issue) covers importantly, the “The Science Behind Mediumship and Psychic Communications.” I am surprised that few know about this, as it is pivotal to explaining the communication system used in all paranormal events where communication at a distance is involved e.g. mediumship, clairvoyance, dowsing etc., but also that used for one’s brain accessing memory - yet the science communication system behind it was discovered as long ago as 1992.

The four “survival” type articles, can be found immediately after the first new article addition below, “The Science Behind Mediumship and Psychic Communications, “:

“If Mind and Memory Reside Outside the Brain, where are They?”

“Do we really Leave our Bodies when we Sleep?”

“The Ability of the Senses to Survive Death”

“Denial of Death and Certainty of Survival”

And it is suggested they be read in that order.

Alastair Bruce Scott-Hill. July 2019

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