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Discarnates Use Words in Human Minds To Speak Through Mediums

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

A statement from one source describing in detail the process of how a discarnate talks via a medium - if submitted to a jury, is one thing. But if another account of the same process is tabled also to the same jury written some 60 years later - by a Minister of Religion, providing substantially the same detail and explanation of the complex process from a different source; then surely the jury would strongly believe the details themselves to be true. Particularly, as in this case, any possibility of collusion would be vanishingly small, as - in the case of the Rev. Michael Cocks; witnesses were present and tape recordings available, as incontrovertible evidence of every word of St Stephen’s teachings. These are the two different accounts:


From the book: “Afterlife Teaching, from St Stephen the Martyr” (written in 2011) - by the Rev. Michael Cocks, Page 174. The Rev. Michael Cocks a retired Vicar, for some eight years attended a group channelling an entity claiming to be the first Christian Martyr, Saint Stephen.

St Stephen speaking through Thomas, the deep trance medium, says:

At this moment, Thomas sleeps like a child. He has done nothing except pray, be quiet and let his mind wander and drift in thoughts, and I have been able to come into the body of Thomas to use it.

The words that I use through Thomas are not my words. I did not create them, they are from his mind; I only activate those words. For myself, I do not speak this language* [English] and I never have. I activate these words that are in Thomas’s memory and are known to him. Occasionally there is a little ‘magic’, when I join together sounds and symbols that are in Thomas’s mind so that words may be spoken that are not known to Thomas. Even though Thomas is so willing, so open and his help is a great blessing, the language [i.e. English] is restricted and I cannot speak the emotions that I wish you to feel. I can only plant seeds with words.”

[*Occasionally St Stephen spoke some words in Creek dialect which were tape recorded. Cocks later used ancient language experts who found these words were ancient Thracian Greek - which was in fact the most likely language that St Stephen would have spoken while on earth. This alone provides strong provenance, and also for the validity of St Stephen’s teachings]


From the book: “The Afterlife Unveiled: What the Dead are Telling Us …”, by Prof. Stafford Betty, Kindle Loc. 672 Chapter 4 – where in his Chapter 4, he quotes from another book, Geraldine Cummins's fourth book, “The Road to Immortality” (written in 1932), is a series of communications allegedly from F. W. H. Myers, the eminent psychologist and psychical researcher, who died 1901.The discarnate Meyers says:

The inner mind [of the medium] is very difficult to deal with from this side. We impress it with our message. We never impress the brain of the medium directly. That is out of the question. But the inner mind receives our message and sends it on to the brain. The brain is a mere mechanism…. In other words, we send the thoughts and the words usually in which they may be framed, but the actual letters or the spelling of the words is drawn from the medium’s memory. Sometimes we only send the thoughts and the medium’s unconscious mind clothes them in words”


1 In esoteric literature there are many instances of discarnates advising of difficulty in speaking through mediums. However, I consider both these two examples in their content highlight something very different and of extreme importance. It is that from a science point of view, it is highly significant that both sources above, say that their medium uses words taken from memory in the mind, not the brain. In fact, the second source emphasises that “the brain is a mere mechanism”. It is noteworthy here that two independent discarnate sources emphasise that the mind is primary, is the source of memory and supplies information to the brain - which directly challenges materialistic scientists opposing view that the mind and consciousness are by-products of the brain and memory resides in the brain. This is not just a quibble over semantics but important, as both my 2016 book (see below) and the book, “Your Eternal Self”, by Dr Craig Hogan; detail a plethora of independent experiments which provide overwhelming evidence for the mind (consciousness and memory) lie outside the brain. Just as with a TV, the brain acts as a receiver of thoughts received from the mind (the TV transmitter). With this configuration, it is self-evident that when the body and brain die, mind (consciousness and memory) are intact, and remain in spite of bodily death! Thus, scientifically an afterlife can be seen to be a reality!

2 Anyone reading St Stephen’s book or other high quality esoteric teaching type literature will soon become aware that each word spoken by a medium on behalf of a discarnate is very carefully chosen, as is the use of “mind” or “brain” as mentioned above. Scarcely surprising however due to the plethora who mention difficulty in speaking through mediums.

3 Also, from a science point of view, comparability analysis (as used here) is an acceptable science tool which can be used for validation. It therefore follows that since different sources above describe quite a complex process almost identically (i.e. how discarnates talk through mediums), two conclusions can be made – the information given above is most likely correct and the sources themselves could be regarded as trustworthy. (As would of course one would also expect in a court of law, when two independent witnesses provide the same detail). Interestingly above, as often occurs with multiple sources (while adding to its validity), is that different accounts are likely to give more useful information (i.e. synergistic, meaning that the sum is greater than the individual parts).

4 The ability of discarnates vastly exceeds that of one’s own, as is self-evident here i.e. to sort through a medium’s memory presumably in micro-seconds to find exactly the word desired – even if the word desired is in a different language, as is the case of St Stephen.

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