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Michael Entity Teachings

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

The “Michael” channelled teachings purport to come from an “entity” who prefers to be known as “The Michael Group.” They were first published in 1980 in the books, Messages from Michael and More Messages from Michael by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.

This summary is comprised of selected extracts from a subsequent book in the series, The Michael Handbook by Jose Stevens, PhD & Simon Warwick-Smith, 2013. Its purpose is to provide a few extracts, which exemplify the high quality of the teachings, some of which are thought to have particular relevance today.



1 “The following notions [teachings] can help to set the context for growth of the planet as the major civilisations of the world continue their rapid integration after thousands of years of separateness.”

2 “With this integration can come awareness of our actions on a personal scale and a worldwide scale.”

[Note: “Integration” has a specific afterlife meaning here. Namely, “soul reunification following all incarnations].

Our Goal

3 “The overall goal is for each fragment [i.e. personalities we exhibit at each reincarnation]; to experience all that life has to offer, and to progress towards wholeness, integration and balance. The model for this is self-acceptance and acceptance of others.”

[Note: the concept of “wholeness”, that we are all One, is substantiated even at a physical level since mitochondrial DNA shows we are all derived from a traceable common single heritage.]


4 “For example, one concept of reincarnation: means that we cannot exhaust the world’s supply of oxygen nor contaminate the oceans without coming back to experience the consequences; nor can we deplete the world forests and animal populations”.

5 “We will live with our decisions.”

[Note: It is not widely known that reincarnations always proceed forward in time. Thus, we are continually given a later opportunity to correct past mistakes and thereby progress.]

“The nations of the world do not generally recognize these concepts. ……. It takes a wider perception than the present soul age of the world to understand this.”


6 “You can’t stop your own growth. You can’t even stop other’s growth.”

7 “What”, is already decided. “When”, is the only issue. All possibilities are available through your use of when. That is why time is such a valuable illusion.”

[Note: This may be difficult to understand without some knowledge of quantum physics. Quantum physics scholars, will recognize that the first phrase commencing with “All possibilities…”, refers to a major quantum physics characteristic, i.e., that we actually create our own reality, albeit unconsciously at each instant, by making a choice between all possible alternatives. Thus, while on earth, since we experience “time”, we have the choice to determine, “when”. Regarding the phrase beginning “That is why…” refers to another oddity of quantum physics. This is that “time” does not exist at all for subatomic particles and for the environmental reality in which subatomic particles exist (time forms no part in quantum mechanics equations). This timeless insubstantial non-physical realm is also considered to be our normal afterlife environment, as covered in depth in my book. The timeless aspect also means that we are all immortal, and without time, no decay is possible in an afterlife. Therefore, the “illusion” referred to is naturally what the channelled entity “Michael” perceives as our unusual experience on earth of “time”, compared with what “he” (the Michael entity), normally experiences. Interestingly, many sages and ancient teachings have regarded one’s afterlife as timeless, even before quantum physics was discovered. Thus, these channelled teachings are supported by hard science.]

[Note: “Illusions” and “distortions” are concepts found in many esoteric teachings. These words describe earthly experiences such as the “illusion of time” as well as “pain”, “fear”, “hate”, “sickness”, “decay”, “death”, etc., experiences generally not experienced in the afterlife. As such, when encountered in esoteric literature, they can serve as useful flags suggesting validation/authenticity of the teachings.]


8 “The truth does not need to be defended. It survives any attack.”

9 “Truth is always more compassionate than ingratiation. No-one ever stopped growing from hearing the truth.”

10 “People always put a value on truth. If it comes free, they will find it to be worthless or priceless depending on whether they are on a spiritual path.”


11 “All relationships are really only you, and your attitude towards the other person.”

[Note: Since we are all “One”, in a sense we are, rather absurdly, arguing with ourselves.]

12 If you are defending yourself, you are defending false personality.

[i.e. Note: Since we choose differing personalities for ourselves just prior to each reincarnation, this teaching rightly points out our personalities are really just a façade or “overleaves” as the Michael entity calls the chosen characteristics of an earthly personality].

Commentary (by Bruce Scott-Hill)

Some readers may, as I do, feel a synergy between some events currently occurring on earth and some issues raised by the Michael entity. Refer to statements re “growth of the planet”, “rapid integration after thousands of years of separateness”, collective and individual “progress towards wholeness, integration and balance”. In addition; the whole of the teachings on “Truth”, which seems particularly relevant to the current “post-truth” environment most evident in 21st century America today, so that there and elsewhere people are now having to put their own value on “truth.”

These are a few selections within The Michael Handbook which particularly resonated with me. As a scientifically oriented afterlife researcher, I think it’s likely that they are fundamental truths. A number of the teachings also correlate with the Rev. Michael Cock’s book, Afterlife Teaching from Stephen the Martyr and many other high-quality books of esoteric literature.

Note: The following are corresponding references to the Michael teachings above. The page numbers refer to those in the Rev. Michael Cock’s St Stephen’s book, Afterlife Teachings from Stephen the Martyr.

(3) The concept that “…we must experience all that life has to offer” (i.e. everything) - Page 40

(1) (3) Separateness/wholeness/[oneness] - Page31, 43

(7) Illusions/[Distortions] - Page 11 (8), (9), (10) Truth – Page 27

(3) fragments/Differing reincarnation personalities – Page 89

If readers are impressed with these teachings, there are many such “Michael” books available on Amazon and elsewhere.

Correspondence should be sent to Alastair Bruce Scott-Hill at

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