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The Paranormal is Normal

Table of Contents




1  Science

2  Inspiration

3  Revelation


Chapter 1           

The Case for a Creator/God

1  The Theory of Cause and Effect

2  The Theory of Design, Evolution

3  The Origin of Life

4  Logical Consistency and Unity both in Nature and the Universe

5  Beauty in Nature

6  The Laws of Physics (i.e. the Universe or Nature)

7  "The Big Bang” and Fine Tuning of the Universe

8   Complexity/progression of Life


Chapter 2           

Non-Physical Reality, Independence of the Mind from the Brain, Consciousness and Immortality.

1   Non Physical Reality

2   Whether the Mind resides in the Brain

3   Consciousness


Chapter 3           

The Quantum Communication System (PCAR) Linking All Life, and Quantum Fields.

1  Quantum Fields

2  The Zero Point Field

3  The Brain as a Filter

4  The Collective Subconscious, and Group Consciousness

5  Group Consciousness – Experiments aimed at Detecting PKPhenomena and Group Consciousness

6  The Subconscious – the Path to Universal Knowledge,  and Resonance

7  Self Resonating Quantum Fields

8  Schempp’s PCAR Universal Bio-Quantum Brain Processing and Communication System

9  Further Experimental Evidence for Mind to Mind communication between Different Lifeforms

10 Non-Physical Reality – Senses

11 Reincarnational Aspects


Chapter 4           

The Commonality of Science Amongst all Paranormal Phenomena, Plus Time and Space

1   Introduction

2   The Commonality of Science Amongst all Paranormal Phenomena

3   Time and Space

4   Discovery and Relevance of the PCAR System



Further Considerations of Time and Space



Chapter 5 

Reasons for Reincarnation

1  Possible Reasons for Reincarnation

2  Views of Mystics

3  Religious Reincarnational Views

4  Difficulties in Belief of Reincarnation

5  Reasons for a creator/God’s Creation – Particularly Reincarnation


Annex 1 “Seth’s” Introduction to Jane Roberts

Annex 2 A Selection of “Seth” Quotes



Chapter 6           

ESP, Remote Viewing and Non- Ordinary States of consciousness (telepathy, clairvoyance, OOB and NDE states.)

1  Telepathy

2  Clairvoyance

3  OOB States (Out of Body)

4  NDE’s (Near Death Experiences)


Chapter 7           

Past Life recall – Spontaneous and via Hypnosis

1  Spontaneous Past Life Recall of Children

2  Hypnosis and past Life Regression


Chapter 8           

Psychics and Mediums

1   Psychics

2   Mediums


Chapter 9           

Life-Between-Lives and Concluding Book Comments

1  Life-Between-Life

2  Closing Chapter and Book Comments


Annex: Reincarnation/Recycling, Our True Reality, Ideas and thoughts. Information and knowledge.

1  Introduction

2  Reincarnation/recycling and Do We Have Any True Reality

3  Thoughts and Ideas and - How we Create Our Reality

4  Attraction of Like Thoughts and Beliefs, Information and Knowledge


Appendix 1 (to Chapter 1)

Darwinism and Atheism                

1    Darwinism

      1.1 Environmental Influences on Genes, Epigenics

      1.2 Subspecies Variation and Limitations

      1.3 Mutations

      1.4 The Fossil Record

      1.5 Natural Selection

2    Atheism

Appendix 2 (to Chapter 1)

List of Some Constants or Physics Affecting Life

Appendix 3 (to Chapter 2)

The Double Slit Experiment




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