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The Paranormal is Normal

Reader's Comments & Endorsements

“I couldn’t put your book down once I started it.”   “It rang so many bells about my own experiences, hitherto unexplained.”  “The scientific approach you adopt is very compelling, especially since quantum physics is an accepted theory if not widely understood.” – Robin Keown


“In spite of reading literally hundreds of books concerning evidence for an afterlife, I have never read a lucid explanation of how the evidence is possible from a scientific (largely quantum) perspective.”    “Regarding the entire book, a major pro is that you know your stuff, are immune to mental laziness, and went to the effort to document everything professionally and minutely.”  “To sum up, I feel you’ve done an amazing amount of conscientious work that will have good results, encouraging others to investigate the evidence for an afterlife.  Especially you have made a possibly unique contribution by emphasizing how it is scientifically possible for this evidence to exist.” - Suzanne Carter




The following are further endorsements on the back cover of the book:


Where science generally offers only despair, Scott-Hill offers hope that goes beyond the blind faith of orthodox religion and into providing true afterlife validation and belief for us all.” – Michael Tymn    Editor, The Journal for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies. Michael is considered one of the world’s foremost living experts on evidential afterlife studies. He has produced six books on the subject over the last 60 years, and more than 1600 articles for newspapers, magazines etc.


“A clearly written, well researched and richly detailed book on the reasons, scientific and experiential, for a belief in the survival of death and reincarnation.  Scott-Hill is right to insist on the many ways in which they are in fact supported by post-classical physics. A stimulating read!”- Robert McLuhan  Editor of “Paranormia”, a website which deals with consciousness, spirituality, and psychic research. He is author of three books to date including his latest, “Randi’s Prize: What Sceptics Say About the Paranormal, Why They Are Wrong, and Why It Matters.”


As might be expected of such a writer, his presentation is clear, logical and concise: and I found it convincing. I find it illuminating, fascinating, and expect to refer to it, again and again.

- Rev. Michael D S Cocks, a former Anglican Vicar, Christchurch, New Zealand. He has published two books, “the Afterlife Teaching from Stephen the Martyr” and “Into the Wider Dream: Synchronicity in the Witness Box.” He is editor of “The Ground of Faith” website.

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