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                                                                                                                              Article 1 on Consciousness


                                                     The Primacy of Consciousness


                                                                     By A.B. Scott-Hill, B.E. (Elect.)


                                             “Why do you insist the universe is not a conscious intelligence,

                                            When it gives birth to conscious intelligences?” - Cicero, c 44 BC



Cicero’s question is as relevant today as it was circa 44 BC. In fact, the 20th and 21st centuries have seen a resurgence of scientific interest in challenging an unproven assertion that consciousness is derived from matter. Once the opposing view by modern enlightened scientists, that ‘consciousness creates matter’ becomes mainstream, they will represent a paradigm not changing the world, but the eyes and beliefs with which we will forever view our world.

David Chalmers, probably the greatest expert on mind/consciousness matters today and currently Professor of Philosophy and Neural Science at New York University, has this to say:

                   Discarnates Use Words in Human Minds to Speak via Mediums 

                                                           By A.B. Scott-Hill, BE(Elect.)


A statement from once source describing in detail the process of how a discarnate talks via a medium - if submitted to a jury, is one thing. But if another account of the same process is tabled also to the same jury written some 60 years later - by a Minister of Religion, providing substantially the same detail and explanation of the complex process from a different source; then surely the jury would strongly believe the details themselves to be true.

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