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Nature’s Fundamental and Universal Hierarchy of Systems - The Holon

(as Applied to our Reincarnational Lives and Afterlife)

Accepted for Publication by the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies Inc.

Volume 41, Number 2 Winter 2018

Abstract: All organisms can be regarded in such way that higher level “wholes” can also be regarded as “parts”. For example, organs (“wholes”) are made up of molecules (“parts”) and so on. Such a system is called a “holon” and this paper points out that while this is clearly the case with all life-forms on earth, that based on esoteric literature, such a case can also be made for ourselves in reincarnational lives and in an afterlife. This suggests that this is a universal and perhaps fundamental law. Additionally, it can be shown to have a useful purpose which suggests it is a design function organized by the “Universe” i.e. our creator/God.


Note: Dashes indicate the change from one Holon arrangement to another.

The holon example above can be extended in more detail in a lower hierarchical manner beneath a “whole” entity form itself e.g. a human (entity) “whole” --- organs --- tissues --- cells --- organelles (nuclei and mitochondria) --- complex molecules --- atoms etc., etc. In general, these hierarchies are “nested” in such a way that higher-level “wholes” are made up of “parts” - which are themselves functional “whole” entities at a lower level. (Sheldrake [1], 94) There is strong evidence (including experimental evidence), to suggest that these parts such as organs, tissues, cells etc., each have a form of individual consciousness (see below) and also purpose, allied with their function in support of the whole. In addition, every holon and parts have a dual tendency to preserve and assert its individuality as a quasi-autonomous whole; and in some cases, over time (e.g., humans), to develop and function as a more complex, advanced and different whole (a major issue for this paper).

The prime feature of the mind/consciousness/memory function for a human, together with the brain/processor, is to both control all body functions, interrelate with one’s environment and make autonomous decisions. Looking at this from a holon point of view, it is reasonable to consider that these collectively plus the envelope of skin/tissue enveloping the body can be regarded hypothetically as the true upper “whole” of the human entity, with the rest - “parts” of this defined “whole”. Key factors not mentioned until now, is that the “whole” and “parts” of all organisms (including ourselves), is that not only do all of them have individual consciousnesses, but they are linked by various communications systems to the “whole”. In addition, the mind/consciousness part of the “whole” is autonomous (i.e. has free will). Note: It might be a surprise for many to accept that all parts have a degree of consciousness, but it is well authenticated scientifically, down to atoms and below. (Scott-Hill [2], 41-44)

The usefulness of the “holon” hierarchical descriptive system becomes immediately self-evident, when used to describe cases applicable to holon development or transition to higher forms. Under such circumstances, only the whole and significant parts/appearance involved in changes have relevance and merit inclusion.

Example of Holon Development - Metamorphosis

There are many cases of biological holon development or transition to higher forms, with perhaps the most interesting being examples of metamorphosis - defined as “the process of transformation from an immature form to an adult form, in two or more distinct stages.”

Considering a single example of the metamorphosis process of a butterfly. At one point in the process, the caterpillar digests itself by releasing enzymes to dissolve all of its tissues. All that is left is mostly just a liquid and a few special groups of cells called imaginal discs which survive the digestive process. These form later - for instance, the wings, legs, or antennae or other structures in the adult, but there is no known process as to how a brain/mind is re-established. After often many months, then emerges a beautiful butterfly with an entirely different appearance than previously as a pupa, caterpillar or egg. Metamorphosis is in fact quite common, as almost two-thirds of insect species alive today use metamorphosis to accomplish large changes between their adult and juvenile forms. This is said to suggest (see Internet references [3] below) “… that the benefit of the process may lie in its ability to reduce competition, as pre-metamorphic animals typically consume as food, completely different resources from their adult forms.

An example is that tadpoles live in water eating algae and plants; while frogs live on land, breathing air and eating insects. Similarly, caterpillars eat leaves while butterflies live off nectar. This effectively prevents older members of the species from competing with younger members and younger members of the species to successfully reach sexual maturity, without the risk of being out-competed by older members of their species.”

Unsurprisingly, materialistic scientists have no explanation as to how a “cocoon” (a pupa) while fundamentally containing just a liquid, via metamorphosis can transform itself into a butterfly. However, if one accepts consciousness/mind/memory resides outside the brain in adjacent quantum fields, which also (as morphic fields) contains species existing and future intended pattern and shape characteristics, as outlined in many science books (including that of my own); it all makes complete sense in explaining how butterflies survive metamorphosis. (Scott-Hill [4], 38-39)

Apart from this exhibiting a classic case of a holon capability to transform into a higher form, it surely suggests the possibility of higher entities such as ourselves to likewise survive death by holon transformation from the physical, into spirit. One can visualize that all that might be required at transition, is a small quantum sized particle capable of surviving death, containing consciousness/mind/soul/ plus memory and a small brain/processor, and appear as often claimed – as, an “orb”. (An analogy with metamorphosis is also quite striking, as in both cases the body and bodily form is lost, but consciousness retained through the transition. Replication of this process can also be seen with human reincarnation).

To extend the holon argument further into the “whole” aspect of consciousness, we need to examine more fully the possibility and reality of each of us comprising not just one, but many consciousnesses.

Multiple Man

Most of us are aware that “split personalities” (now termed, “Dissociative identity disorder”) can arise on occasions. It is said to occur due to extreme trauma often associated with incidences of childhood abuse. However, given and accepting this, it is not well known that as stated by Adam Crabtree a professional hypnotherapist in his book called, “Multiple Man”; that “… work in the study of hypnosis and multiple personalities indicates there is not just one, but many minds operating simultaneously within each human being.” In fact, he later expands on this in his book to suggest that he always encountered at least one other self he described as a “hypnotic self”, where he claims there were signs that this hypnotic self, possessed many of the characteristics of a separate personality, “It had a completely distinct consciousness of its own and which could reason and form conclusions and, in some cases, show great intuitive powers.” Even different opinions from the waking self. More recent research (by himself and others), he said, “…discovered the presence of multiple hidden observers within individuals. Each one was found to have …distinguishable personality traits.” The famous author of many books and paranormal researcher Colin Wilson, wrote the preface for Crabtree’s book, in this he quoted from another book called, “The ‘Minds of Billy Milligan’, which related to a criminal suffering from multiple personality. One of the personalities of Billy Milligan was said to be a Serbo-Croat named Ragent Vadascovinich, who was said shockingly to be able to write and speak Serbo-Croat… “a language that Milligan himself never learned or was able to speak.” (Crabtree, [5], 11, 44)

Esoteric Literature Teachings Regarding Multiple Personalities

Many people may be skeptical regarding esoteric literature type books, which universally contain discarnate “teachings” to mankind, usually obtained via mediums. However, there are cases of prophesies they have made which have come to pass, so that although many are written in relatively modern times, they could be likened to the teachings of the prophets of old. Further, an ongoing scientific statistical analysis has found a 94.3% correlation accuracy amongst a large number of teaching statements in those regarded as high quality such books. With this alignment and consistency of teaching statements amongst many such high-quality books regardless of time frames and methods (such as using mediums, regressive hypnosis, remote viewing etc.). Given this outstanding correlation, this suggests one might be reasonably confident in the knowledge they contain. (See Internet references [6] below)

Perhaps the most famous of these, is the so called “Seth” books channeled and written by Jane Roberts. The discarnate afterlife entity teacher, “Seth” has much to say on the issue of multiple personalities. Discussing first Adam Crabtree’s strong case above for the presence of a “second” personality self in addition to oneself i.e. what he describes as one’s “hypnotic self”; “Seth” describes this in his teachings as our “inner self” (or “subconsciousness”), and the personality we present to others, as one’s “outer self, or ego”, as follows:

Seth: “The outer ego is spoon-fed, being given only those feelings and emotions, only that data, [from the inner-ego] that it can handle. This data is presented to it in a highly specialized manner, usually by information picked up by the physical senses”. “The inner self or ego [i.e. what we commonly call, the “subconscious” or “unconscious”], is not only conscious but conscious of itself, both as an individuality that is a part of all [your] consciousness. In your terms it is continuously aware, both of this apartness and unity-with. The outer-ego is not continuously aware of anything. It continuously forgets itself. … [In contrast] …The inner ego is always aware …and organized about its primary aspect which is creativity. It constantly … translates its components into reality.” (Roberts, Jane [7], 329)

With any quick reflection above, back to what Adam Crabtree says above about the characteristics of a second “hypnotic” personality; one cannot help but identify this with what Seth calls, one’s “inner self”. It is noteworthy also that the inner-self or (subconsciousness) could be called the “super-self”, as it has superior qualities in many ways compared with the outer ego - our sense of self - which it seems is more focused on day to day events and particularly in days of early man, on continually concerned with protecting oneself from possible harm. This completely contrasts with any stage performance hypnotist who encounters immediately the inner consciousness ego [the subconsciousness], who it seems is usually happy to perform to generally any suggestions made for entertainment purposes, knowing none will do any harm. Another purpose of the subconscious/inner-ego, is what we encounter continuously - which is its capability to take over actions which have become by repetition; automatic and autonomous for us - suggesting surely its importance and reason for its existence. Unlike our outer ego, these characteristics suggest it is always awake to provide for us automatic actions if needed (e.g. driving a car, washing dishes etc.), plus controlling and monitoring all autonomous bodily functions, e.g. digestion etc.

The above accounts for the duality we perceive as our “conscious aware self” (the “outer ego” in Seth terms) and also with Crabtree’s separate “second self” – or, what he calls the “hypnotic self”. Having identified the first two selves, we now need to consider all the other “selves” i.e. “multiple selves”, he mentions.

Multiple selves (beyond our original outer and inner ego) are uniformly mentioned to a greater or lesser degree within teachings in five high quality estoteric books. (See References [8] below) (There may well be others.) The essence of all their teaching is, that prior to each incarnation, we decide what characteristics/personality of the outer ego we wish to present at each incarnation appropriate to what lessons we choose to learn in the next life. This not only changes and affects our personality for each of us during each reincarnation, but importantly creates and is added to us at each incarnation as a separate consciousness. Only the latest addition of consciousness is said to be active in the latest reincarnational cycle, while the others are dormant. The reincarnational cycles continue in the same way to form an amalgam of individual consciousnesses, until we personally consider all reincarnations are complete, after which reunification of all consciousnesses occurs.

In full support of these teachings, multiple consciousnesses are commonly easily detected by regressive hypnotherapists and importantly, without these teachings by mediums or regressive hypnotherapists, they would completely lack explanation. The additive consciousnesses with a separate and full memory appropriate to each reincarnational cycle, would seem a deliberate and planned mechanism to assist recall fully at any later date if required, and thereby enrich the soul with the ability to recall at will in the afterlife, all reincarnational lives’ experience in minute detail. The fact that in Crabtree’s book that one of the incarnation’s memory was that of a Serbo-Croat who spoke “a language that Billy Milligan himself never learned or was able to speak” - is therefore hardly surprising - in view of the rational mentioned above. In fact, it is so common that it is given the name, zenoglossy - which is defined as … “when the language being spoken is a natural language previously unknown to the speaker”. Which we could easily conclude would occur if one incarnated during a previous reincarnational cycle in a different country, then that of the existing cycle.

In support of the above, Seth has this to say about the addition of a further personalities at each incarnation:

Seth: “… all fragments of a [reincarnational] personality [self] exist within an entity, with their own individual consciousness.” “… the entity to some extent directs and gives purpose and organisation to his personalities”. “The whole self is aware of all the experiences of all its ego’s, and since one identity forms them (i.e. the whole self), there are bound to be similarities between them and shared characteristics”. (Roberts, Jane [9], Pg.21, 61)

Seth further commented that “It is interesting that the personalities in [the book, called], “The Three Faces of Eve”] … “did alternate, and all were in existence at once, so to speak, even though only one was dominant at any given time. In the same way, so-called past personalities are present in you now, but not dominant.” (Roberts, Jane [10], 164)

For validation, the following is another mediumistic teaching which covers the same reincarnational process. It is an extract from a discarnate teacher called “the Michael entity”, taken from a book called “The Michael Handbook:” (Stevens, Jose & Warwick-Smith Simon [11], Loc. 219-224)

“With each successive lifetime, the fragment essence [soul] records the experience of the individual personalities and begins to develop a characteristic of its own. It adds a new layer to itself, rather like the growth rings on a tree. At the core is pure essence [soul] and around it are layers of memory of different experiences of different lifetimes. Eventually, the essence [soul] has a wrapping of many, many different lifetimes. This accumulated essence wisdom is quite different from an individual personality from any one lifetime.”

“In the first few lifetimes the personality is dominant since so few lives have been recorded. After many lifetimes the individual personality becomes less important because it goes into the memory bank of a multitude of experiences: souls with more experience are less governed by their personalities. In younger souls the personality is more controlling.”

Teachings on the Hierarchy of Holon Soul Development in the Afterlife

‘Michael Entity’ teachings in my view, give an unparalleled detail of teachings on the hierarchy of holon soul development in the afterlife. This detail is supplemented and reinforced by other esoteric teachings mentioned immediately above. Reincarnational cycles are said to normally cease, it is said, (within all Michael Entity Books) corresponding to the fourth of seven major progression levels. From then on, increased consciousness/awareness is said to be brought to each soul by progressive re-amalgamation gradually of souls, up to a group of approximately 1000 like-minded souls to form an “oversoul.” Despite this, the individuality of each soul is said to never be lost. Also, “Life itself is the purpose, and is only one stage of evolution - which proceeds in an awesomely ordered, unalterable line until the created evolves to become the creator.” (Yarbo, Chelsea, Quinn [12], 22). Regarding appearance, “Many souls are said to prefer the use of recognizable bodies in the afterlife, although this is not necessary. On higher levels, bodies are often traded for ‘light forms’ [i.e. Orbs], but this is the personal choice of the soul.”

Holon Identification

  1. Holon Identification focusing on Reincarnational Cycles.

Note: Dashes indicate the transition/progression from one holon arrangement to another.

A soul enters its first incarnation with an initial chosen personality self -- soul (same soul, but with a second chosen personality self, which is added to the first in each case just prior to incarnation) -- The cycles continue in the same way with the addition of a new personality self at each reincarnation to form an amalgam of individual consciousnesses plus memory, until reincarnations are considered complete by the soul).

  1. Holon Identification After all Reincarnational Cycles Are Complete.

Reincarnation is said to be (in Michael Entity books) usually complete by the what is regarded as the fourth major progression layer of seven in total. It is then followed by the progressive addition/amalgamation of the further consciousnesses/awareness of some 1000 other like-minded souls to form an oversoul, and as said previously, …” until the created evolves to become the creator.” This particular progressive amalgamation of souls is obviously a radical holon development.

A soul, or oversouls, may present with a body or orb dependent on choice. According to Dr Michael Newton’s highly regarded hypnotic regression books, colors emitted as orbs, reflect attained progression advancement which ranges from white through to violet. i.e. based on level of light vibrational frequency emission. (Newton, Michael [13], Loc. 1204-1252)


1 It can be seen above, that the concept of a holon, where each “entity” as a whole is made up of quasi-autonomous, physical or non-physical parts - can be applied to all living organisms, such as ourselves while on earth.

2 Similarly, while in an afterlife, although the body decays and disappears at death, undoubtably the holon concept of both a whole and parts continues regardless, but in non-physical form. As described above, one’s soul/mind plus original consciousnesses/memory are maintained but augmented by a layering of each additional conscious/memory corresponding to each reincarnational cycle. (It appears the subconscious ego is no longer required and is discarded additionally with the body on death - as, following transition, threats to life are non-existent). Sleep and eating of course also normally ceases. Also, when reincarnational cycles later cease by choice, up to approximately 1000 soul consciousnesses are later added in the afterlife as a function of development. On this basis the holon system is seen to be ubiquitous either on earth or in one’s afterlife. Therefore, the original proposition that this arrangement is a universal and fundamental design arrangement seems unarguable.

3 Fear of loss of individuality might well make each of us feel at least momentarily upset at the thought that we might form an Oversoul of these multiple personalities mentioned above. A mediumistic teaching type book (The Stephen Experience: Teachings of Stephen the Martyr), written by an Anglican Vicar, Michael Cocks containing teaching of a discarnate, St. Stephen the first Christian Martyr; reassures us he is “… glad I am not restricted forever in your body” [and that]… “it is not logical to restrict the whole of you forever in one body”. St Stephen is doubtless what is known as a “Transcendental” and therefore an oversoul. We of course would have no way of knowing what this is like, but presumably there is considerable benefit as an oversoul - such as companionship, advice if desired and the fact that one will never be lonely. Also, association as an oversoul does not mean that one cannot be separate on occasions when one wishes. Adding separate souls up to a thousand when in the afterlife and without the impediment of physical bodies may be even more advantageous. (Cocks, Michael [14], 88)

4 Of importance is the fact that holon development/progression is always signified by “consciousness” addition - whether by that of personality selves arising from subsequent reincarnations or obvious massive further “consciousness” additions arising from later gradual amalgamation of like-minded complete souls’ consciousnesses to form an oversoul entity while in the afterlife.

5 Another interesting but very different point is made in the Jane Roberts “Seth” Book, “The Seth Material”, where, “Seth” says … “when your ordinary, waking, conscious mind is lulled in the sleep state, you travel in other dimensions …”. (Roberts, Jane [15], 158) Another validating independent teaching is…. “[During their sleep state] …some of you do work, because there are many that you can help in your sleep-state. But, usually, it is a preparation. You are taken to those places which will help you to be ready for your work when you leave the world of matter. (Austen A.W. [16], 41)

6 Given this, if capable of travelling at any time in any other dimensions while we sleep, then we must all be fully designed and equipped for this now and already suitably adapted for such. Because of this, for a reincarnational transition (i.e. death), it would seem when ready, all we would need do is therefore pass through a completely natural brief metamorphosis type phase, when we would simply “transition” to an afterlife by arising from one’s own body and leaving with one’s mind/memory/consciousness and soul intact. Importantly, numerous mediumistic books attest that all our so called “death” experiences, are likely to include very rarely only an occasional instance of short duration pain plus “mostly relaxation and curiosity rather than fear, while white brilliance surrounds them” This example is from Michael Newton’s book, “Journal of Souls”. (Newton, Michael [17], 165, 178-180)

7 Finally, one can only imagine in awe, the knowledge/ memory, experience and wisdom contained within any such fully developed oversoul entity comprising (say) a thousand reincarnations and later (say) a thousand like-minded souls. Among Jane Roberts “Seth” books is the concept of CU’s = Consciousness Units which are each additive and said to be the base units of conscious for us all and that with associated memory serves fully the interests of each entity, from the least capable (e.g. a mere atom or less) to the greatest - our creator/God.

8 As indicated in the commencement of this paper, it is claimed that at every step in this holon progression detailed above, the process overwhelmingly exhibits rationality, design and progression far from any possibility from chance - which surely would meet most people’s expectations for a design function organized by the “Universe” i.e. our creator/God. Also, it is claimed the science holon hierarchy concept of analyzing our development earth and afterlife structure over time as in this paper, allows a useful focused summary of salient development progression points for mankind from now to eternity.

9 Readers may also find this approach and paper, adds useful validation support from high quality esoteric literature for belief in reincarnation – to add to that from other more traditional and already accepted sources. By this I mean already documented case histories of successful tracing of memories of the living to detailed records available of particular past lives (e.g. Bridie Murphy), children’s spontaneous recollection of past lives as covered in Stevenson’s books etc., Helen Wambach’s successful statistical analysis testing by hypnotic regressive analysis of over 2000 subjects in her book “Reliving Past Lives” etc. etc. Even the Bible (Many are unaware that there are a few Bible verses that support reincarnation). (Scott-Hill, Alastair [18], 138/139 189-224)


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Author’s website:


Alastair (Bruce) Scott-Hill, a Professional Engineer (now retired), graduated as a BE (Elect), Cant. and spent his career in communication technology, particularly in telecommunications and information technology. The main portion of his career was with Telecom New Zealand spanning some 35 years designing national telephone exchanges, and telecommunication networks. He also designed the first Telecom online nationwide supply computer system. Subsequently he then took up a position with Standards New Zealand, where he was responsible for all New Zealand Standards in Telecommunications, Information Technology and Acoustics.

Recently he published a National New Zealand prize winning science book the 2016 Ashton-Wylie Award, entitled, “The Paranormal is Normal (The Science Validation to Reincarnation. The Paranormal and your Immortality)”, Alastair Bruce Scott-Hill, (CopyPress NZ, 2016). It is available from Amazon. Or via:

Bruce has had a lifetime interest in science.

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