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Denial of Death & Certainty of Survival

“You are as dead now as you will ever be.” “You have lived before and will live again, and when you are done with physical existence, you will still live” - Seth

Death can simply be seen to be an illusion for a number of reasons.

Professor Robert Lanza, the inventor of cloning and heralded as the modern Einstein of Biology has this to say about mind/brain in an Appendix of his recent book “Beyond Biocentrism: Rethinking Time, Space, Consciousness and the Illusion of Death.”

“The brain is a physical object occupying a specific location. It exists as a spatio-temporal construction, and other objects like tables and chairs are also constructions, which are located outside the brain.

However, brain, tables and chairs also exist in the “mind.”

The mind is what generates the spatio-temporal construction in the first place. Thus, the mind refers to pre-spatio-temporal.

You experience your mind’s image of your body, including your brain, just as you experience trees and galaxies. Thus, those galaxies are no further away than the brain or your fingertips. But the mind is everywhere. It is everything you see, hear, and sense – otherwise you couldn’t be conscious of it.

The brain is where the brain is, and the tree is where the tree is. But the mind has no location. It is everywhere you observe, smell or hear anything”. (Lanza, Appendix in book above)


Lanza above states that mind is “everywhere”. This is based reasonably no doubt on the fact that rightly he considers our minds are non-physical entities, and therefore (unlike our bodies), are subject to the laws of quantum physics. One of the amazing properties of quantum physics is that distance is irrelevant, as in this mode the universe acts like a hologram, where every tiny portion contains all the information of the whole, and in a sense, everything is adjacent to everything else. Also, time is non-existent! in a fully quantum domain (such as an afterlife) - exhibited by the fact that time forms no part and cancels out of quantum equations.

When we die therefore, our body being subject to Newtonian and Einsteinian physics and laws, decays. However, mind/ consciousness and soul being non-physical, survives unaffected by death, or decay. Therefore, our mind continues on unscathed. We are then equipped with solely a mind/consciousness and soul, without a body and presenting as a non-physical entity. It is therefore very easy to argue scientifically that we could easily experience an afterlife and be immortal - since, as very likely “light beings” - (just as with light-photons themselves), we would simply not experience time, except during another physical earth reincarnation. Regarding immortality, few seem to realise photons are thought to last forever, with protons lasting at least 200 trillion times the age of the Universe. (Scott-Hill, 110). Further, a recent quantum physics discovery indicates that scientists have found that “quasiparticles” in quantum systems are effectively immortal, since they do not decay as entropy is not decreasing but remains constant. (Internet reference below.)

The concept of reincarnation/rebirth/recycling seems a fundamental universal truth that applies not just to humans, but to all entities and life. All matter on earth decays or deteriorates, including the cells of our bodies. Even rocks washed by rain and wind. The dust, which is all that is left, eventually re-unites with other particles in a form of rebirth - or perhaps, using a more appropriate word, “recycling”. In the case of star dust, new planets are formed. Each minute particle has a degree of consciousness and continues its existence with intervals of recycling, so that all time/event lines continue forever.

Therefore, everything which is created, all lifeforms and consciousness - are eternal!

Professor Robert Lanza, puts it another way: -

“The evidence lies in the idea that the concept of death is a mere figment of our consciousness. The concept of death as we know it, cannot exist in any real sense, as

there are no true boundaries by which to define it. Essentially, the idea of dying is something we have long been taught to accept, but in reality, it just exists in our minds.” The concepts of space and time are simply tools of the mind”.

“We are Immortal!” (Scott-Hill, 274)

If you are shocked by such an assertion, the following are arguments and evidence which strongly support this: -

  • Quantum physicist William Bray, with impeccable logic, argues:

“…that since our universe is a physical construct of consciousness and had a beginning, it is finite i.e. it cannot be timeless. However, since the universe is a construct of consciousness, consciousness must have preceded it. Consciousness, therefore, including all forms of consciousness, including ourselves, must be timeless.

  • Tackling the issue yet in a different way - as we learned earlier, in quantum reality space and time are irrelevant. Therefore, since consciousness itself can be been shown to be quantum, it must have a timeless nature! (Scott-Hill, 53)

There are many other simpler reasons which might help understanding, as follows,

There is strong evidence (detection of bodily voltage reversibly by experimenter Robert Monroe) to indicate that we all leave our body routinely while asleep. (Scott-Hill, 176)

Advanced Remote viewing used extensively during the Cold War, by the USA against Russia (from World War II to the end of the USSR) and other completely O.O.B. (out of body) experiences, including that of NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) would be impossible and never recorded as a reality, if it were not practicable to temporarily leave one’s body and return in all such cases without harm, even in sleep as mentioned above). What we call death therefore is simply identical to an O.O.B., except one does not return. O.O.B. experiences of all kinds therefore exhibit the human ability of surviving death with all functionality intact i.e. senses, and mind - without transporting one’s body (which is left behind) - yet we function normally i.e. apart from being able to move anywhere and instantly in an OOB state to any desired destination, as evidenced and recorded by multiple O.O.B or NDE witnesses over many years. (Scott-Hill, 177)

Metamorphosis of many insects including butterflies involves the complete liquefaction of the pupa (the juvenile caterpillar form) to emerge later in the adult form – as a beautiful butterfly. Seemingly unremarkable. But what is very odd is that while forming the butterfly in the pupa, the initial first change in the development of the butterfly is shockingly the complete liquefaction of all cells (except the outer envelope sac) - which obviously seems to destroy any semblance of a prior mind/brain. However, this again (as above) supports the

contention that the mind resides outside all organisms and ensures survival of the body. Therefore, there is no death, and death is but an illusion.

Finally, Paul Williams provides yet another argument for our immortality by brilliant reasoning in the form of a poem:

Here we are, set in the midst of an infinity of time

the chances are infinitely against us that we

should be alive at any specific time. But here we are.

The only way we can get rid of an infinity of chances

which are against us, is to assume - that we too

are infinite i.e. immortal.

- J. Paul Williams

Other associated articles covering survival issues are:


Lanza, Robert “Biocentrism”, BenBella Books; 1 edition (February 2, 2010)

Scott-Hill, Alastair Bruce Scott-Hill, “The Paranormal is Normal” (The Science Validation to Reincarnation, the Paranormal and your Immortality), 2016 Xcell books.

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