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Some Illusions of Material Spiritual Reality

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

Sensory considerations.

As we learned at school, when the sun sets we see all colours fade until everything becomes grey then black, and as explained by our school teachers – this is because nothing has intrinsic colour. With little light, all objects are uniformly boringly grey and depend fully on “light” to exhibit colour, the colours simply occur when objects absorb some part of the light frequency spectrum and reflect back the rest, which we perceive as green for grass, yellow for lemons and so on. Dogs and cats do not have sensory cones in their eyes to detect yellow, so lemons for them have no colour at all, and other colours they detect, we would regard as rather pale and greyish compared to our sight. Clearly without advanced lifeforms being equipped with a complex brain and an eye/ “light”- frequency analyser system - which assigns specific light frequency bands to what we perceive as different colours, then everything would be appear to us colourless (just black and white). If this were the case, we likely wouldn’t even be able to imagine colour as a possible attribute of our reality. So shockingly, colour is therefore essentially an illusion, possibly orchestrated by a creator/God to enhance perception for survival purposes in the wild, since for example brown/grey moving objects tend to be animals and flickering red/yellow suggests fire and danger. The alternative suggestion that all this happened by chance, just doesn’t seem to cut it.

After all this, one might at least say that solidity as we feel it is “solid”, so physicality is real, surely? Well the answer is, “not really”. As, when one touches any material object and pushes on it, admittedly it feels solid enough, but again science tells us that this is a perception strictly within our brains and projected to your fingers. The pressure is not caused by contact with a material object, but due to mutual repulsion between the negatively charged electrons in both the object and our fingers. Increasing pressure sensations received from one’s fingers dissuades one from trying to penetrate further. Due to this, plus the emptiness of atoms, means that we would not be likely to damage our fingers or experience the true feeling of solidarity of a vast number of compressed nuclei of atoms. In this way accidental damage to oneself or others is avoided. Orchestration again perhaps? Or chance?

Other sensory attributes such as sound you might think are not illusory as above. Well this also seems orchestrated and follows from the famous conundrum, “If a tree falls in the forest, and nobody is there, does it make a sound?” The answer is emphatically - “no”, since there are just rapid soundless puffs of air emanating from the falling tree and branches when it falls to the ground. However, if a human were nearby though, due to nerves stimulated by one’s moving ear drum, these rapid puffs of air - if over 30 cycles per second, would cause electrical signals to be sent to the brain, such that observers would hear a frightening “crashing” noise, helpfully amplified by our senses, perhaps to warn of a possible threat or danger. Various other “sounds” if above 30 cycles per second would likewise be sensed and amplified by human brains from other sources, should any other impulsive rapid puffs of air occur close by. Such as a train entering a tunnel, simultaneous firing of military shells, mortars or rockets etc. The survival advantage of hearing illusory amplified “sounds” is obvious and unlikely to be caused by chance. (Lanza [1],17-22)


Materialistic scientists who have little regard or interest for non-physical reality, might be surprised to know that their fixation on matter larger than subatomic particles is rather odd. This is because a case can be made for the fact that the most important reality lies within space, the very opposite of material reality. Space is of course almost everywhere one could think of and surrounds all mass. In fact, by volume it makes material reality look ridiculously puny. Taking the case of the hydrogen atom, space comprises 99.99999999999996 % of the total volume, compared with the space occupied by the nucleus. Considering the whole universe, space occupies some 96 %, whereas all the stars, planets and galaxies that can be seen today make up just 4 percent of the universe. Most materialistic scientists might assume that empty space all around us is of little interest or importance, but this is yet another of the illusions of physical/material reality. In contrast, any belief that all space is just a vacuum is incorrect and instead recent discoveries show that not only is it filled with a plethora of fields and virtual subatomic particles, but strong evidence supported by replicated independent experiment, suggests that these are all due to consciousness actually creating and sustaining what we think as matter itself. In fact, with this concept, non-physical reality should be considered prime and of major importance, and physical reality while also important is but secondary. If one doubts this, a moment’s thought indicates that immediately following the Big Bang all that existed was energy and subatomic particles, a number of which later coalesced due to surrounding forces and fields into the matter we see today. Non-physical reality therefore creates physical reality.


Fields obviously occupy space and a modern interpretation states, “they are a non-material region of physical influence defined by whatever force it exerts on an object”, e.g. a gravitational field, electrical-magnetic field, quantum field, morphic field etc. They interrelate and interconnect matter and energy within their realm of influence. Fields are not a form of matter, rather matter is energy bound within fields. (Sheldrake [2], 97)

The Zero Point Field (ZPF)

Physicists for many years have been aware that even in a vacuum there is a ceaseless form of energy still present around us, an ocean of sub-atomic virtual particles that represents the ground (i.e. zero energy) state of all matter. Sub atomic particles (mainly photons) appear in the field seemingly out of nowhere - combining, interacting, and annihilating each other in an instant. As they are sub-atomic particles, the zero-point field is obviously quantum with holographic properties, which include the properties of instantaneous transfer of information to adjacent quantum waves they encounter. The discovery of the field in 1926 and up until recently left all scientists unmoved, as it was not regarded as of much interest and simply the base energy state of the universe at a temperature of absolute zero.

It is now regarded very differently due to research and investigations by Hal Putoff, a laser physicist in the 1970’s, and later by the astrophysicist, Bernie Haisch in July 1992, who determined that everything everywhere has a zero-point energy, from particles to electromagnetic fields, and any other type of field. Combine them all together and you have the vacuum energy or the energy of all fields in space. The key point is that these fields are everywhere, enveloping all space and all matter, which inherently - due to the jitter of all mass, creates and passes on continuously and permanently to the universe - the shape, characteristics and memory of everything they touch. In a nutshell, the zero-point field can metaphorically now be regarded as the “Internet communication highway and cloud memory storage” facility for the entire universe. This instant communication, plus a memory facility capability, that can be sourced instantly from anywhere in the Universe, could explain a multitude of things.

Telepathy, clairvoyance, dowsing and all other forms of so called paranormal phenomena, differentiation of cells, tissues and organs and morphogenesis using surrounding morphic memory fields, and an evolutionary interactive adaptation to one’s environment via epigenic zero-point field information transactions with DNA. There is also strong experimental evidence to support the belief that the mind and associated memory fields lie outside and adjacent to the brain i.e. separate from one’s body but within the zero-point field. This conflicts with the materialist’s view (in the absence of evidence), that mind is simply an adjunct and add-on contained within the physical brain. While death means both brain and body die, the existence of an unaffected detached mind/soul and memory, which additionally might contain an information and communication processing system, could therefore explain how survival can occur beyond death in an afterlife.

In her book called, “The Field”; well-known science writer Lynne McTaggart, following a discussion with Hal Putoff says in her book states, “If all subatomic matter in the world is interacting constantly with this ambient ground-state energy field, the subatomic waves of the field are constantly imprinting a record of the shape of everything. As the harbinger and imprinter of all wavelengths and all frequencies, the Zero-point field is a kind of shadow of the universe for all time, a mirror image and record of all that ever was. In a sense the beginning and the end of everything in the universe.” Also, “If all information from the cosmos flows through our pores at every moment, then our current notion of our human potential is only a glimmer of what it should be.” (McTaggart [3] 26, Internet)

The Creation of all Mass

It certainly seems that materialistic scientists have lost the plot and that space itself, including fields within space, are incredibly important and would be arguably the most fertile and useful area for future research for mankind. But there is more – the likely source for creation of all mass, is surely the unlimited virtual subatomic particles in the zero-point field, as they are of the right character and immediately adjacent to everything. In this respect, Einstein’s famous equation, E=mc2 shows that energy and mass are mathematically equivalent. There is certainly vast energy in the zero-point field (due to what is known as the Cashmir effect) which could be used to create changes in mass initiated by thought/consciousness. This has been verified experimentally time and time again, as support for the belief that we individually and collectively create our own reality - by conscious thought alone. Further evidence of consciousness creating physical reality is regressive hypnosis - during which those recalling instances of being whipped in childhood sometimes present with marks of whipping. Often also, “saints” have exhibited stigmata for years, simulating Christ’s wounds on the Cross. Also, prayer has (statistically beyond chance) been found experimentally to assist the ill. (Scott-Hill [4] 62, 63, 74-80, 317-316.)

As Einstein said, “Everything is energy”, so while energy emanating from thought itself might be considered feeble, over time consciousness/thought as described above can trigger change, if only by atom by atom, molecule by molecule - either by an individual person, or many. Change, it seems is inevitable and this is the mechanism. Given thought too, creates the world around us including all material reality; surely, all this must be orchestrated?


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