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Why the Paranormal is Normal

Updated: Jul 20, 2019


In November 2011, Deepak Chopra responded to a question in the Huffington Post as follows:


“Polls routinely show that 75 percent of Americans hold some form of belief in the paranormal such as telepathy and ghosts. All religions contain beliefs in the supernatural.

Is there a link? And what’s the difference?

His response, as a published article entitled: “Why, the Paranormal is Normal”, in the Huffington Post - is of interest. An extract from his article follows:

“Why, the Paranormal is Normal

“God was natural in the medieval world, and thus miracles, healings, apparitions of the Virgin Mary, stigmatics, and so on, were considered natural. At the moment, it doesn’t matter how many people believe in the supernatural. Until the official picture changes, astrology is bogus, astronomy is legitimate. Ghosts are bogus, apparitions of the Virgin Mary are - well, that’s the rub. Religious people are allowed to cling to a different model of reality, tolerated by the official gatekeepers but not believed in. This gives rise to the curious phenomenon of religious scientists, who manage to hold on to two totally conflicting worldviews at the same time.

Any of us can hold conflicting viewpoints at the same time - it’s called compartmentalization. If the various compartments are tight enough and separated by thick walls, a whole range of phenomena can be believed in without making them consistent. I can imagine a cell biologist who is Catholic, has seen a UFO, reads the astrology column in the newspaper, and hopes to go to Heaven when he dies.

It would be far better, however, to promote a consistent worldview, one that allows the walls to come down so that official reality might open up to unofficial reality.”

Given that at least 75% of Americans (the article above was written in 2011), believe in the paranormal, it seems likely the world majority are being held hostage by an entrenched belief system held by a minority of materialistic scientists. For these, the whole concept that science is the measure that should always be used faithfully to explain the world around us, seems to have been forgotten. Newspapers now rarely publish any articles even hinting at the paranormal, such is the acceptance of the current “natural” absurd multiple belief paradigm mentioned above. ‘Official’ belief today - even on science matters, “seems to depend upon one’s political persuasion” – as is denial of anthropogenic caused global warming by right-wing Governments and their supporters. Few of us though know that Einstein once complained that this was the case with his “Theory of Relativity”, using these same words above. He said “Why is it that acceptance of my Theory of Relativity seems to depend on one’s political persuasion.”One of the problems too with modern science, is that it has now become so specialised, that few materialistic scientists – so wedded to their areas of interest; have not realised that many of their colleague scientists have ignored their rigidity and scepticism, have made great strides already, and are rapidly discovering science explanations for most paranormal phenomena. Most of these discoveries include even independently replicated experiments.

Taking a simple example, Deepak Chopra mentioned above that the “official’ viewpoint is that “ghosts are bogus”. Observational evidence though in all countries throughout the world - amounts to thousands of reports (since mankind learned the art of writing) – which suggest otherwise. Skeptic materialistic scientists might be surprised to know, that there is a ready quantum physics explanation as to how “ghosts” could pass through walls at will. Most materialistic scientists shun quantum physics as they are not interested in the physics of subatomic particles. It is like physicians saying they are not interested in the brain. Carbonated soft drinks (such as Coca Cola) lose their fizz completely after a while. “Fizz” in soft drinks comprises carbon dioxide gas, which - due to a well-known property in quantum physics called “quantum tunnelling”, allows the carbon dioxide molecules to easily tunnel through the larger spaces between the molecules of the plastic containing bottle. This surely provides a good explanation as to how ghosts, with their reported vapour appearance, suggesting they physically comprise only sufficient molecules to attain visibility, could easily tunnel at will through solid walls.

Not convinced; well how about telepathy, and even clairvoyance. You may be surprised to know that that laboratory experiments to prove telepathy were independently replicated as long as the 1970’s by Russell Targ and Harold Putoff . And proof testing experiments are now routine. It has been discovered that independent of distance, even a “sender” mentioning a “receiver’s” name, can be detected by noting an instantaneous change in blood volume by use of a graphical plethysmograph connected to the “receiver”. Clairvoyance also, is old hat. Known in military applications by the term “remote viewing”, this paranormal property was successfully used repeatedly by the US military during the last world war to spy on the Russians, where, even details of secret plans in filing cabinets thousands of miles away in Russia could be read by trained USDF staff. More recently, the communication system involved in remote viewing - which enables also telepathy, dowsing and other paranormal phenomena to act at a distance (even across a galaxy instantly), and which also even includes linking mediums with discarnates, was a break through discovery in 1992 by German mathematician/physicist Walter Schempp. Unfortunately, it has received little publicity since. It is similar to the echo location system used by dolphins and bats, which similarly provides information at a distance, but instead is a more complex communication system which involves intermingling of quantum waves.

What! You have an issue with suggesting that mediums can communicate with discarnates – as you think “mediums are bogus”, as well as ghosts; and say that there is no such thing as a discarnate, nor an afterlife. Well again, replicated scientific evidence begs to differ, since - as recently as long ago as 1998, science researcher Professor Gary Schwartz spent three years successfully testing the validity of mediums. He gained impressive validating results, including a figure of 80 -100% accuracy in many tests. A Dr Julie Beischel of the Windbridge Institute, independently confirmed his conclusion in 2007 by a series of further experiments; namely that, exceptional mediums have the capability to source valid information from those who have already passed over.

If the above captures your interest, you can read more about the above subjects and other areas in Alastair Bruce Scott-Hill’s recent science book, “The Paranormal is Normal (The Validation of Reincarnation, Your Immortality and the Paranormal)” His book won the New Zealand National Ashton - Wylie Book 2016 prize. In addition, it has already gained exceptional Amazon five-star reviews. See Amazon:

Correspondence should be sent to Alastair Bruce Scott-Hill at

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