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You May Have First Arrived on Earth Up to 50,000 years ago, in the Mid-Glacial Period

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

As an avid science esoteric literature researcher, I recently came across what I soon considered as particularly high-quality channelled teachings - those covered in some five “Michael Entity Books” (e.g. Messages from Michael, by Chelsea Quinn Yarbo). What makes these teachings ‘standout’ and unique from any others I have read, is that these teachings provide the details of the structure of our reincarnational progression steps to evolve to the point, such that earth reincarnations are no longer necessary. The details reveal reincarnational aspects of major importance to all of us, some of which are covered below. Limited scientific comparability analysis of these details with other high quality esoteric literature is also covered, to show that these teachings are supported elsewhere and are therefore likely to be valid.

The Michael Entity teachings indicate that our progression/spiritual evolution can be divided into seven soul categories for soul evolution), as follows:

Infant Soul Baby Soul Young Soul Mature Soul Old Soul Transcendental Soul Infinite Soul

(The five first soul categories apply to earth soul evolution. The Transcendental and Infinite Soul categories apply solely to progress in the afterlife itself when reincarnational cycles are complete.)

Each soul evolution category shown is comprised itself of (normally) seven steps/levels for each soul evolution category, i.e. 5 soul categories X 7 steps, equalling 35 earth experience steps in all. Michael Entity Teachings advise it takes typically 3 lifetimes to complete each step 1, or 200 - 300 earth years/step as mentioned in the Michael Handbook by Jose Stevens and Warwick-Smith Simon, so that calculating the total upper figure, amounts to 35 steps x 300 = 10,500 years duration on earth, until reincarnations usually cease.2

This for all of us, must seem a shocking and amazing number of earth years duration and of reincarnational cycles (35 x 3) i.e. approx. 100), before reincarnations usually cease. An instance, perhaps where ignorance in this case might be bliss and knowledge gained a cause of considerable concern – in that we inevitably must spend so much time on earth before we permanently reside in an afterlife. Concern enlarges surely, when one perhaps realises that the above excludes the additional time (which could be substantial), one additionally must spend between lives. (There is though some reassuring comment on this within the Michael Entity teachings, and my comments mentioned below).

Although not covered in the Michael Entity teachings (as far as I am aware), we can gain some idea of the effect of between lives afterlife duration spent on total elapsed earth years, by looking at some between lives ‘Cases’ described by Dr Michael Newton, in his best seller book, “Journey of Souls” to gain details of client’s after-life experiences using regressive hypnosis over some 40 years of his professional career. For instance, he mentions a regression case where a client had been reincarnating for a total elapsed time of 30,000 years, another for 70,000 years.3,4 and mentioned that, “rapid acceleration was uncommon” 5, and gave examples where he said, “One of my clients has not been able to conquer envy for 850 years in numerous lives.” 6 Another, … “spent nearly 1700 years …seeking authoritative power over others”. Older souls though, he said, “reincarnate less.” 7.

The greatest earth duration Newton mentioned in his book, turned out to be a very advanced transcendental soul, a woman, whom he met and regressed as a chance encounter, “whose first lives”, he said, occurred at, “the beginning of the interglacial period, which lasted from 130,000 to 70,000 years ago.” Following hypnotic regression, she gave a fascinating dialogue which Newton customarily tape recorded and included in his “Journey of Soul’s” book, of her “living in caves and enduring bitter cold 50,000 years ago.” 8.

Given all this, one might well ask, how does all this start and where does it end? The Michael Entity Books (“Messages from Michael’’ and “The Michael Handbook”) and an excellent website: - all discuss a start point and an end point which rounds out and completes an overview of the structure of what befalls us all - both before commencing and after following our approx. 100 reincarnational cycles on earth. In view of the importance of this, the following are direct Michael Entity quotes.

The first is from the book “The Michael Handbook”, where it says, “…the Tao [God] casts out fragments of itself in the form of bright pure energy - sparks of consciousness [i.e. us, here on earth]. Each fragment goes through separation processes that make it distinct, colourful and different both from the Tao [God] and from its fellow fragments. The fragments wishing to go to the physical plane stay in a holding zone where they form an entity, or oversoul with 800 to 1200 other fragments, who wish to have similar experiences. Each fragment chooses a role and maps out what it seeks to accomplish during the cycle. On leaving the holding zone, the group of fragments (an entity) is too powerful to incarnate in a separate body so it separates back into its 800 to 1200 fragments. Each fragment [you, and I] then incarnate on earth as a unique individual…” 9.

(It is interesting, noteworthy and validating that the Michael Newton Book, “Destiny of Souls” strongly supports the necessity to restrict energy for incarnations on earth - saying that even for fragments, “All souls who come to earth leave a part of their energy behind in the spirit world.” He explains this fully, similarly involving power/energy issues in subsequent pages).” 10

The book, “Messages from Michael” summarises our pre-reincarnational and after experiences, by saying, “Each Soul is part of a larger body, an entity. Each entity is made up of about one thousand souls, each one of which enters the physical plane as many times as necessary to experience all aspects of life and achieve human understanding. At the end of cycles on the physical plane, the fragments once again reunite as we have reunited.” Also, “Life itself is the purpose, and is only one stage of evolution - which proceeds in an awesomely ordered, unalterable line until the created evolves to become the creator.” 11

To complete the picture, approaching the end of one’s earth incarnations as an “old soul”, the Michael entity says: “Many of your entity fragments have finished their cycles on the physical plane and are reunited. Strength comes from those fragments which have already integrated. You are part of this entity, not separate from it, but there is now a partition between you and those fragments available, so to speak. It is up to you whether you can draw upon the conglomerate knowledge. You must first be able to perceive it. A large part of your time is now being spent off the physical plane and this time grows longer as more and more of the original entity becomes integrated. The pull is almost irresistible now. More than half the time allotted to sleep you now spend on the astral plane [the first evolutionary step in an afterlife] where you can approach those fragments you are seeking. 12 All over the world, [at this old soul level] entity fragments are searching for that feeling of home. Some do not know what they are search for, but they experience the emptiness.” 13 The Michael Entity hastens to allay any concerns regarding loss of identity or freedom in response to a concern expressed by a member attending this mediumistic session, by denying this and saying, “The whole is the sum of the parts. We are an entity-integrated whole. There is no sense of loss, wistfulness, poignancy, or what have you. The loss is only perceived on the physical plane. Now we are whole.” The Michael Entity goes on to say that, “Right now you feel that the loss of individuality will be felt as pain. This is not true. Individually is painful, but not once integrated.” 14

It seems to me on reflection that it is surely little wonder that soul fragments strongly wish to be reunited for a number of reasons. Obviously as inferred by the Michael Entity, soul integration means from that point on, individual “fragments” like you and I, will never again be lonely. We will in fact have approx. a thousand other souls to communicate and associate with forever, yet we still have our freedom to do whatever we wish and to travel anywhere that we wish independently - and without loss of our individually. Also, the knowledge and life experience of all the earth and other experiences will instantly be available to all soul fragments in the group, including each of us. Likewise, the cumulative knowledge, but also energy available to the whole entity comprising approx. 1000 soul fragments would be awesome, perhaps suggesting the possibilities of joint latent paranormal capabilities to create and benefit others far beyond our current knowledge. Given all this, it seems that if the number of reincarnations and our likely total elapsed time of reincarnations seems daunting (as it does to me), then the rewards surely seem worth the pain. Also, with multiple reincarnations, there is always the opportunity of savouring many different lives in diverse locations/cultures, multiple opportunities to gain satisfaction from personal achievements, meeting challenges, gaining knowledge slowly so that we absorb it fully, and for interrelating continuously with other souls which obviously will enable many opportunities to help if required - as it seems we always gain greatest satisfaction by helping others. The other good news is that since reincarnational cycles always move forward there is little chance that those reading this article still have left anywhere near the maximum of approx.100 reincarnations still to go, but rather a number of readers may only have a few.

Finally, in case the Michael Entity teachings might seem fanciful, there is considerable correlation with other similar esoteric teachings literature which strongly supports its validity – particularly with Robert Monroe’s last book on O.O.B research exploration, “Seth” teachings covered in Jane Roberts’s books, Michael Newton’s book, Journey of Souls (mentioned above) and others, as follows.

The fact that we are inherently always associated with some ‘thousand fragments belonging to our complete entity’, is mentioned in the book, “Afterlife Teachings of St Stephen, the Martyr”, by the author, the Rev. Michael Cocks, where St Stephen said, “I am Stephen and I reincarnate possibly a thousand fold” “My consciousness, as is your consciousness, is a thousand fold, is not divided, it is the guest in many physical thoughts, brains, or what you think of as consciousnesses, the “whole” of me…” 15. (Even Christ said, “The least of you will become a thousand,” - Isaiah 60:22.) From Jane Robert’s book, “Seth Speaks”, “Each reader is a portion of his or her own entity ….” 16. Also, “The soul or entity is not diminished but expanded through reincarnations.” 17 “Seth” also states that we all leave our body routinely during sleep or trance to be involved in after-life matters as follows, “In sleep and dream states you are involved in the same dimension of existence in which you will have your after-death experiences.” 18

Towards the end of Robert Monroe’s last book (“Ultimate Journey”) and life, he relates how, while in an OOB/remote viewing state, he decided to see if he could examine the characteristics of his own non-physical structure 19. To his shock, he found he comprised many personality selves (spit personalities with different egos) corresponding to each of his reincarnations. From that point on he found he could remember details of any of his own reincarnations at will and mentions details in his book of some of these incarnations. At a later O.O.B journey, he claims he met a representative of all of his personality selves who advised him, that they all had now experienced everything that was required of them for a final transition, but it was up to him to determine what experience remained for him to complete. Once that had occurred, therefore his next life would be the last for them all. Their “Executive Committee” also mentioned the desire for them all including Monroe, to search for any “lost” personality selves (those who had become “earth-bound”), to regroup before their collective final transition i.e. to reunite as a complete entity with other fragments, as covered in the Michael Entity books above. He was also informed that many of these had chosen to assist him on occasions during his life (it seems, like guides!). When Monroe asked of the Executive Committee representative, “How many lifetimes are there? He was told “A thousand perhaps or more” so, as would be expected, this must have included Monroe’s other entity soul fragments wishing reunification as well.

Obviously with disparate methods of sourcing teaching on afterlife matters such as using three cases of direct voice mediums, (The Michael Entity books, “The Afterlife Teachings of St Stephen, the Martyr” book and the “Seth Speaks” book), regressive hypnosis to life-between-lives (“Journey of Souls”) and finally an direct perception by a famous O.O.B. researcher, Robert Monroe with his classic book “Ultimate Journey”, plus a Biblical quote from Christ - all giving compelling correlation support to what the Michael Entity says in his books; the scientific probability that all such teachings are correct and truthful must be extremely high.

Note: Comparability and correlation analysis is a useful and recognised standard scientific methodology. It is widely used universally by acceptance testing laboratories around the world, to vet manufactured supplies against technical specifications for major corporations.


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Correspondence should be sent to Alastair Bruce Scott-Hill at

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