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What is the paranormal? Is it real or an illusion?

Can science help us understand the "unexplained"?

Author Alastair Bruce Scott-Hill has spent many years researching the paranormal, and his highly regarded prize-winning book, "The Paranormal is Normal" is the result and a journey of personal discovery which will no doubt resonate with many readers.


The website is intended, not only as a focus for this book, but to allow others who might be interested to share in continuation of the author’s journeys of discovery further in this area since book publication – by means of the science-based articles, blogs and research posted already, and others which will be added later on this website. They are mainly those provided by the author, but also some written by others which are thought interesting and of value.


  • The book, “The Paranormal is Normal” - is a breakthrough science book which took in excess of fifteen years to research as a voyage of personal discovery for the author.

  • Such was the author’s faith in science to explain the world around us, he was determined to use only “solid” science to find answers which would satisfy himself, as to whether the concept of an afterlife made sense. (By “solid” science is meant independent replicated laboratory experiments wherever possible, otherwise other acceptable science “tools” such as probability analysis etc.)

  • The book covers the science in depth which explains the Paranormal, shows that Quantum physics indicates death is not only an illusion but in our normal non-physical quantum existence time does not exist, so that we are all immortal!


  • It was awarded the Ashton-Wylie 2016 New Zealand National $10,000 book prize.   






"Apart from my own recent articles below, some Blogs may feature science articles provided by others, links to science news etc. Anything therefore which I may help validate scientifically one’s afterlife for you."

- Alastair Bruce Scott-Hill

All articles are available as PDFs.




Top Articles

Why The Paranormal is Normal

By A.B. Scott-Hill, BE (Elect.). Cant.

Green Swath.jpg



In November 2011, Deepak Chopra responded to a question in the Huffington Post as follows:




“Polls routinely show that 75 percent of Americans hold some form of belief in the paranormal such as telepathy and ghosts. All religions contain beliefs in the supernatural.

Is there a link? And what’s the difference?


His response, as a published article entitled: “Why, the Paranormal is Normal”, in the Huffington Post - is of interest. An extract from his article follows: Read More…

The Primacy of Consciousness                                        

By A.B. Scott-Hill, BE (Elect.). Cant.

“Why do you insist the universe is not a conscious intelligence,

When it gives birth to conscious intelligences?” - Cicero, c 44 BC


Cicero’s question is as relevant today as it was circa 44 BC. In fact, the 20th and 21st centuries have seen a resurgence of scientific interest in challenging an unproven assertion that consciousness is derived from matter. Once the opposing view by modern enlightened scientists, that ‘consciousness creates matter’ becomes mainstream, they will represent a paradigm not changing the world, but the eyes and beliefs with which we will forever view our world.


David Chalmers, probably the greatest expert on mind/consciousness matters today and currently Professor of Philosophy and Neural Science at New York University, has this to say:


“The materialist viewpoint states that consciousness is derived entirely from physical matter. It’s unclear, though, exactly how this could work. It’s very hard to get consciousness out of non-consciousness, physics is just structure. It can explain biology, but there’s a gap – ‘Consciousness’.  Dualism holds that consciousness is separate and distinct from physical matter - but that then raises the question of how consciousness interacts and has an effect on the physical world”.

Read more . . . 

Einstein's Spirituality & Intuition

By A.B. Scott-Hill, BE (Elect.). Cant.

Everyone has the highest respect for Einstein - probably the greatest scientist the world has ever known, but I somehow wrongly thought he did not believe in a creator/God. We naturally wish to turn to those amongst us who exhibit genius, particularly scientists - to better explain the world around us.  So, fired up with watching the recent TV series on Einstein, I decided to do a little research on his spirituality, or lack therein. In no time at all, I found quotes of his that quickly settled the question; Einstein was a person who deeply believed in a God/creator i.e., was a highly spiritual person albeit not religious in the conventional sense of supporting any particular faith.  Read more . . . 

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